Monday, March 17, 2014

Rockhounding the wash

Today was my day to decide what we would do.

I wanted to find things..

I wanted to go rockhounding..

We were told that we could walk the dirt road near the campground to the wash and collect rocks in the wash.

Terlingua rockhounding_003

The road takes us past trash and things left in the desert to die..

Terlingua rockhounding_002

It was kind of sad to see this part of the desert so full of trash..

Terlingua rockhounding_001 It was also kind of cool..

Terlingua rockhounding_006Trucks laid to rest..

Terlingua rockhounding_010

Terlingua rockhounding_013

Terlingua rockhounding_014

After perusing the trash we continued to follow the road south to the wash..

Terlingua rockhounding_023

Terlingua rockhounding_022I stopped to take a photo of these two arched Ocotillo

Terlingua rockhounding_027I gave Jeff my Canon SX20 and he was also taking photos..

Terlingua rockhounding_028I LOVE how things grow out of this rock and dirt..

Such determined plants..

Terlingua rockhounding_033

Terlingua rockhounding_043We arrive at the wash..

Terlingua rockhounding_039On the sides of the wash I start to find Calcite..

Do you see the greenish stone below?

Terlingua rockhounding_036We walk the wash….this is not sandy,it is one large rock tiled pathway….

Terlingua rockhounding_051On the side walls and on the path we see veins of crystals..

Terlingua rockhounding_053

Terlingua rockhounding_055

Terlingua rockhounding_068

We were able to find a few small crystal rocks..

Most were too large to take with us.

Terlingua rockhounding_084

Terlingua rockhounding_086

The wash becomes sandy with loose rocks..

Terlingua rockhounding_081Steep sandstone walls line the path..

Terlingua rockhounding_089

Terlingua rockhounding_098Crystals everywhere..

Terlingua rockhounding_095The wash ends and meets another wash..

Terlingua rockhounding_106We follow the second wash north..

Terlingua rockhounding_108Our plan is to

loop back to the campground..

Terlingua rockhounding_110We are hoping this wash brings us in the right direction..

Terlingua rockhounding_112We walk up large rock steps

Terlingua rockhounding_115A poor little lost baby doll..

Terlingua rockhounding_116Swallow nests..

Terlingua rockhounding_118

Shell fossils..

Terlingua rockhounding_128We found our way out of the wash..

Terlingua rockhounding_126and back to the campground..

where we washed our calcite and crystal finds.

Tomorrow is Jeff's day..I wonder what he has planned?

Terlingua rockhounding_133


  1. What fun. It's been a long time since I've been rock hounding.

  2. Nice looking walk. Having never been to the desert, it's a fascinating landscape.


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