Saturday, February 08, 2014

Romero Pools hike~Catalina State Park

We stayed in Catalina State Park for two weeks and it was time to move on.

Last Tuesday was our last full day in the park and we wanted to hike to Romero Pools.

Total Length
5.6 miles

Highest Elevation:
3700 feet

Lowest Elevation:
2720 feet

Elevation Change:
980 feet

Romero pools hike_001We got a late start so there wasn’t much time for stopping to take photos on the way up..

Romero pools hike_005Though, I did stop to catch my breath..

and used the opportunity to take a photo..

Romero pools hike_006Or two..

Romero pools hike_008

Ok..I stopped a lot..

I had lots of breath to catch…

Romero pools hike_010View toward Oro valley..

Romero pools hike_011The hike was mostly uphill..through very rocky terrain..

Romero pools hike_012I am pointing to the campground..

If you enlarge the photo you can might see Homey..

Romero pools hike_016Up up and more up…..

Romero pools hike_019I point the the trail ahead of us..

Romero pools hike_020

The trail we came from..

Romero pools hike_022Aaakkk….this cactus gave me a fright Smile 

Romero pools hike_025Yep, that is the trail we came from..

Romero pools hike_026and we continue to go higher..

Romero pools hike_027And …


Romero pools hike_030I had to stop and catch my breath again..

and take a photo of the valley below.

Romero pools hike_031An Arizona Snowman..

Romero pools hike_032Looking back again toward the valley..

Romero pools hike_033Are we there yet?

Romero pools hike_036Nope..

Time to rest again and stare at the valley below…

Romero pools hike_039As we hike to the pools we pass many wild flowers..

I didn’t take the time on the way up to photograph them.

I did take a photo of this beautiful Fairy Duster..

Romero pools hike_045Almost there!

Romero pools hike_041The pools..

Romero pools hike_046We had no time to linger..

Romero pools hike_047We had to get back before dark..

Romero pools hike_049So, I took a few photos of the pools and we turned around to head back down the mountain.

Romero pools hike_050

I stopped to take photos of the flowers..

Romero pools hike_054Fairy Duster flowers emerging..

Romero pools hike_055This looks like a type of cytisus

Romero pools hike_057A close up of the flowers..

Romero pools hike_058Views looking down to the valley..

Romero pools hike_059

Romero pools hike_060Another wildflower..

Romero pools hike_062The same flower above unopened..

Romero pools hike_063I stop and take more photos of the wildflowers I passed on the way up.

Romero pools hike_067

Romero pools hike_096

Romero pools hike_105

Romero pools hike_109

Romero pools hike_099

Romero pools hike_079

Romero pools hike_072

We continue on..

Hiking a bit quicker to make it down to the trailhead before dark.

Romero pools hike_074

Romero pools hike_078

Down, down we go..

Romero pools hike_083Its much faster going down..

Romero pools hike_086

Romero pools hike_077New arms popping out of this Saguaro..

Romero pools hike_088We are almost there..

Romero pools hike_104Just in time…

Romero pools hike_116The sun is setting..and its starting to sprinkle..

Romero pools hike_115

Goodbye Catalina!

Until next time….


  1. Wow, what a hike. The views and wildflowers are lovely. Great photos, Dawn!

  2. Gorgeous pictures of - everything! You are quite the hiker - that looked like a long hike with a good altitude climb. I'm glad you made it back before dark - and the sprinkles. I would be so proud of myself if I did that hike! You go, girl!! :)


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