Monday, February 24, 2014

My Favorite Museum

Jeff and I drove into Tucson one day last week and had a quick visit to my favorite museum.

Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum

Desert museum_003It was a busy day at the museum.

Busloads of school kids.

Desert museum_015Jeff and I only had a few hours to spend here…

Desert museum_005We knew we wouldn’t have time to see the whole park..

Desert museum_011So we just enjoyed the little bit we did see..

Desert museum_008We walked the upper paths of the museum..

Desert museum_016Stopping to see what's smelling the flowers..

Desert museum_017

Desert museum_146

Desert museum_187


Desert museum_021

Two of my Sickstas want me to collect some Cholla cactus pieces for them..

Desert museum_023

I couldn’t collect them here..but I know a few places where the ground will be littered with fallen pieces..

Desert museum_025I will bag them up and hopefully they will live another few months until they make it to North Carolina and Connecticut.

Desert museum_024

Sorry Sickstas..

Cant fit one of these in the paper bag..

Desert museum_028

I saw these Tufted Evening Primrose and was wondering if Sicksta Adele might be able to grow these in NC.

Desert museum_030A gorgeous flowering Aloe Ferox

Desert museum_033

Jeff and I spent quite a bit of time in the

Hummingbird Aviary

Desert museum_042There were many photographers here getting up close shots of hummers.


 Desert museum_068

When we left the hummers we headed to the Café for some lunch.

Always a good lunch there..nice selections of sandwiches and salads.


We had no time for the gallery..

Darn..hopefully we will get back before we leave AZ.


museum_037A cool metal Javelina..

museum_040Cactus and spring flowers..



Mescal Bean flowering..

this smelled insanely delicious.. sweet and grapey

Desert museum_149Cactus Wren in the wilds of the museum..

Desert museum_156Rufous-backed Robin..

In the enclosed Aviary

Desert museum_177It was a quick but delightful visit.

I hope we have one more chance to visit before heading east.

Desert museum_148

Sun sets on our trip back to Homey in Patagonia..

Desert museum_194


  1. I'd love to walk round there Dawn, I've always been a sucker for cactus, and the birds where a bonus

  2. What an exciting way to spend your winters

  3. What an adventurous way to spend your winters
    Enjoyed this post as I have been yo that awesome museum

  4. What an adventurous way to spend your winters
    I enjoyed this post especially since I be been to that wonderful museum

  5. What a remarkable place, totally different from anything I've ever seen.

  6. It's one of my favorite places in Tucson as well!

  7. Felt like I too walked with you out there in the beauty!


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