Monday, February 03, 2014

Saguro National Park~West

I love this place!

We took the pass over the mountain from Tucson to get to it..

Up and over to the land full of the prickly giants..

We stop and do the nature walk..

Saguaro National Park~West

I take photos with my iPod and ToonCamera app…

I love how they look like paintings..




Here I am getting my nose pierced.


Can you tell the tooned catctus from the non tuned?

I love the colors and textures of the aged Saguaro..

Saguaro NP West_012

We only have a few hours in the park..

The sun is getting low and not much light left for photos..

I could spend hours here…

I wish I had more time ..


Every Saugaro has such character…

Saguaro NP West_020  I toon a few..

Saguaro NP West_023

We continue our walk around the loop..

Saguaro NP West_058

Saguaro NP West_024

The lighting makes my photos look like old postcards..

Saguaro NP West_041

I could wander around the Saguaro woods for miles never bored with what I see..

Saguaro NP West_045

The scene..the shapes of the Saguaro ever changing..

Saguaro NP West_046


Saguaro NP West_047

The older Saguaros have beautiful colors..

Saguaro NP West_051   Saguaro bones..

Saguaro NP West_054
Saguaro NP West_060
Saguaro NP West_062
Saguaro NP West_066
We leave the trail and drive a loop road thru the park…
Saguaro NP West_067
Saguaro NP West_069

Saguaro NP West_071

More photos..

Saguaro NP West_072

Saguaro NP West_075


Saguaro NP West_083A gentle giant..

Watch can pack a powerful prickly punch..

Saguaro NP West_088

Saguaro NP West_099

Saguaro NP West_094I am losing light and take a few more photos....

Saguaro NP West_095

Saguaro NP West_097

The sun is setting..

Saguaro NP West_100

Saguaro NP West_103


Saguaro NP West_105

Saguaro NP West_107


Saguaro NP West_114

Time to say goodnight Saguaro..

Goodnight…and thank you ….

Saguaro NP West_115


To the Saguaro Cactus Tree in the Desert Rain

   by James Wright
I had no idea the elf owl
Crept into you in the secret
Of night.

I have torn myself out of many bitter places
In America, that seemed

Tall and green-rooted in mid-noon.
I wish I were the spare shadow
Of the roadrunner, I wish I were
The honest lover of the diamondback
And the tear the tarantula weeps.
I had no idea you were so tall
And blond in moonlight.
I got thirsty in the factories,
And I hated the brutal dry suns there,
So I quit.

You were the shadow
Of a hallway
In me.

I have never gone through that door,
But the elf owl's face
Is inside me.

You are not one of the gods.
Your green arms lower and gather me.
I am an elf owl's shadow, a secret
Member of your family.

Saguaro NP West_118


  1. Love the cactus and the pretty sunset shots.. Great poem! Have a happy day!

  2. So many beautiful sights. Love the interesting cactus sculptures! Looks like a great place to visit.


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