Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chatham~Beachy bits and pieces

I am not one that can sit on the beach for long periods of time..…

I prefer to walk and see what I can see.


Angelic seaweed..


cape_025Birds on a wire..

These happen to be mostly Tree Swallows staging during migration to their southern home.

cape_006 (1)Gulls are always on the beach it seems..

cape_039 (1)This particular day we witnessed a Gull stealing a sandwich out of someone's hand.

Wish I had that on camera!

cape_049 (1)

While my Brother and Sister-in Law were clamming..

I took a stroll..

cape_071 (1)Old worn concrete

cape_080Rose hips..

Edible..I always take a nibble or two..

cape_083Lucky catch..

cape_090 (1)Live shells..

Don't know what kind …anyone?

cape_095Suspended seaweed

cape_099A Murder of Crows..

cape_107Shell Heart

cape_117Shiny pearled shell

cape_123Seaweed tree..

cape_129 (1)

cape_134 (1)Another heart..


Shells and seaweed..

cape_141 (1)another seaweed tree…

cape_143 (1)Fiddler crabs…

there were hundreds of them..

cape_148Always something new, or old to discover..

cape_158Life on the beach…



Jeff and I had a great time on Cape Cod with his family.

We are now in CT spending time with my side of the family..


We head west..

Oregon bound…

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