Monday, September 16, 2013

A walk in the Park~Hammonasset State Park

Last week Jeff and I took a trip to Hammonasset State Park with my Sicksta, her hubby and my niece, Tara.

Tara drove us old folks to the park.

Hammonasset SP_006We drove east toward the end of the park and stopped to check out the butterfly garden..

Hammonasset SP_019

Hammonasset SP_022

Huge shell sculptures near of the butterfly garden..

Hammonasset SP_026There were thousands of swallows flying around this area…

I  was enjoying their acrobatics and neglected to get a photo of them.

Hammonasset SP_027We crossed the road to the beach and had our picnic lunch..

Hammonasset SP_008

We were joined by this hungry gull.

Hammonasset SP_029After our lunch we took a walk..

Heading east along the beach.

Hammonasset SP_033Tara on the rocks..

Hammonasset SP_037Message written with small stones..

Peace no War..

Hammonasset SP_042We followed a series of paths and the coastline..

Hammonasset SP_051Jelly flowers decorated the shore  ....

Hammonasset SP_060

Jeff and Attillio take a break

Hammonasset SP_062While Lori, Tara and I take photos..

Hammonasset SP_067Peace seems to be the beach art theme of the day..

Hammonasset SP_070A beach full of small shells..

Hammonasset SP_074Someone took some of the shells and left this pretty design.

Hammonasset SP_076View looking west into the sun..

Hammonasset SP_077looking east…

We continue to follow the rocky coastline..

Hammonasset SP_080

Hammonasset SP_086Lori and I stop at this area to take a few more photos..

Hammonasset SP_089

..of these rocks in the shallow water surrounded by a thin line of foam..

Hammonasset SP_092

It is reminiscent of a Japanese rock garden..

Hammonasset SP_093

Hammonasset SP_094

Hammonasset SP_097

We continue on past the salt marsh..

Hammonasset SP_102by the rock monster..

Hammonasset SP_105leaving the rocky beach to follow the path for a bit..

Hammonasset SP_109Wildflowers line the pathway..

Hammonasset SP_113

Hammonasset SP_130The path ends again and we walk the along the rocky shore..

Hammonasset SP_123X marks the spot..

Hammonasset SP_119

Hammonasset SP_125We reach the end of the walk..

I was feeling energetic..

Hammonasset SP_137

My Sister took this photo me lifting up Cormorant Rock..

Jeff does some birding while I do the heavy lifting..

Hammonasset SP_140

Sicksta photographing rocks I presume..

Hammonasset SP_142

Tara taking photos of the log and her feet?

Hammonasset SP_143Here are my feet..

and the little Wood Owl.

Hammonasset SP_152Or are they nostrils?

Hammonasset SP_153

Hammonasset SP_157On our way back to the car..

Hammonasset SP_165A Snowy Egret and a Little Blue x Tri-colored HeronHammonasset SP_172That's it folks..

We are back to the beginning..

A super day with the family..

Hammonasset SP_177

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