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Who needs diamonds…

Howdee all,

The word is out..Today was the day…

Bloggers spread the word….

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All I have to say is

Who needs Diamonds, when you can have Glass!



"We at SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA are really excited as we introduce these outstanding products to the North American market. Unsurpassed optical quality, ergonomic design and reliability – all features SWAROVSKI OPTIK is well known for, are now combined with a revolutionary technical concept. We really enjoy surprising our customers with innovative concepts which redefine the standards of our industry. This will offer our customers choices they have never had and give them a viewing experience like they have never seen before," says Albert Wannenmacher, CEO of SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA.


A closer look here



Kim Kaufman on facebook

Kenn and I were fortunate enough to look through a piece of birding history yesterday afternoon. We met up with Clay Taylor, from Swarovski Optiks, and just hours before the world launch, Clay gave us the opportunity to try out Swarovski's brand new spotting scope! WOW....


ken k with swarov

Permission to use this photo by Kim Kaufman


ABA President Jeff Gordon's post on the ABA Blog

First Look: Swarovski's New ATX Scopes & Digiscoping Accessories At Hungary's Hortobágy

Rather than the standard spotting scope/eyepiece configuration we're all accustomed to, where the eyepiece determines the magnification and zoom, there is now a system that more closely resembles a telephoto camera lens. You choose either a straight (STX) or angled (ATX) ocular unit and then attach it by means of a bayonet mount, again very like a camera lens, to an objective unit of which there are 3: a compact 65mm, an 85mm that is in the range of most larger spotting current spotting scopes, and a stonking big 95mm unit. All can be interchanged, producing scope combinations of different magnification, weight, and brightness

The advantages of such modularity are obvious. You can choose to emphasize small and light or big and bright or split the difference.


  Mike McDowell Writes..

I had the pleasure of trying out the new Swarovski ATX 25-60x85 spotting scope recently and put it up against the highly revered Kowa 883. My impression? In short, Swarovski has done it again. I found the new scope to be superior to the Kowa 883 in every optical characteristic; better color fidelity, brightness, contrast, resolution, and edge sharpness, making it the best optical performer on the market to my discerning eye. And yes, it uses Swarovision field-flattener lens technology.

Read Mikes Blog post here

New Swarovski ATX/STX Spotting Scope!

For sale at Eagle Optics 

Go to Eagle Optics to see the pricing on all the new Swaro scopes.



Read 10,000 Birds post by Cory Finger

New Swarovski Scopes – the ATX and the STX

The Swarovski ATX and STX modular spotting scopes are, to put it as simply as possible, awesome. When they are first sold, which will occur in August at Birdfair, I imagine long lines of birders throwing cash at the Swarovski sales representatives


First of all, the biggest of the new scopes will boast a 95 mm objective lens. That is just insane. The amount of light this scope lets in is absurd. Second of all, the 95 mm scope zooms from 30X to 70X magnification. That is nuts. Third, the scopes are modular, which means that you can buy the full 95 mm scope and then just the objective end of the 65 mm scope and, if you want to use a scope for a trip and have to pack light, you can just swap out the big objective for the little one, a quick and easy operation. Not only that, but because the scope breaks down into two pieces it fits into what is essentially a binocular case, which makes figuring out how to pack it that much easier.


From Birding Frontiers

Martin Garner writes

It wasn’t just one new monster type of scope, that would have been enough! No… a whole new system. The big word, buzz word is ‘modular’. Instead of changing the little lens, you change the big lens!  I’ll talk about that again.  And a third curve-ball, an amazing piece of kit for digiscoping with my DSLR camera body that takes photos/ video and telescopes to a whole new level. More for sure to come…



So there ya go..

Read those posts..then save your pennies..

You will need a few..


I want this .. Smile

I need lots more pennies..

maybe I can sell my diamonds …


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