Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Sesuit Harbor ~Café

Howdee all,

My favorite outdoor eating place on Cape Cod

Sesuit Harbor Café

The food is yummy and the view is superb..

chatham and sesuit_020

It gets crowded, but well worth the wait…

You order as you enter and wait around to find an open table..numbers are called out for dinner orders.


We brought a few bottles of wine and some Cider.

chatham and sesuit_041

A great vantage point for watching the boats go by..

chatham and sesuit_043

chatham and sesuit_028Short strolls on the sand…

chatham and sesuit_060I suggest going before sunset..

chatham and sesuit_059View looking toward the eating area

chatham and sesuit_061

panorama taken with my new camera…

I have yet to figure out how to have this rotate thru.

chatham and sesuit_062

Isn't it lovely :)

chatham and sesuit_064chatham and sesuit_016

chatham and sesuit_065

Checking out the view….

chatham and sesuit_068

Family fun..chatham and sesuit_042

chatham and sesuit_057

chatham and sesuit_074

chatham and sesuit_072If you spend any time on Cape Cod be sure to stop here

for dinner and the view.

chatham and sesuit_058

Jeff and I are on the road again..will be in Connecticut for most of the month of July.

Looking forward to a bit more internet time and more family fun.

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