Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nobbie cloud at the Hawkwatch

Jeff and I are now in Bar Harbor, Maine...and having a great time...
This trip was what Jeff wanted for a Birthday present... so here we are...hiking, bird watching and ranger walks...beautiful scenery and clean air.

While on a Hawkwatch...i spotted this cloud that in my imagination looked like nobbies face...minus a few areas....
Hi Nobbie...he was looking down at me...

i will post other pictures and video of acadia national park when i have a faster internet connection...
that upload of the video took way too long..


  1. Well, I couldn't tell but Nobbie was more connected to you. I believe he is part of the earth now and you can see him whenever you want to and you believe..

  2. I could see a partial Nobbie, his one eye nose and mouth. Really cool!

  3. yes i saw the noblin hob goblin right as you first panned over the cloud. sure did look like nobbie was saying hi.


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