Thursday, September 11, 2008

Family Picnic, sea glass, toes and swimming...

More video coverage of the annual...

Family Picnic....


  1. I think this might be my favorite video that you have done. You really captured the spirit of Labor day picnic and of the silly Simmons clan. While the Hi Adele video was lovely in a self-indulgent kind of way...tee hee. I liked his video much more. Your toes and Lor's were the cutest. If I was there I would have won. My toes are long but not as long as Jeff's and nicely proportioned and cute even without polish. I loved, loved, loved the posing of the still sweet was that..I felt I was there. I hope it was worth your time recording because it was worth my time watching. Thanks.

  2. Good Job on the video nob. It's nice that we take the effort to take some. That was my lazy picture day. The posing and foot contest was fun. To bad i have fugly feet. Del we missed you too and your feet..

  3. yes dell ..i missed your sweet ...dirty planters...toes too...haa


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