Monday, June 30, 2008

Samarrahs Bat Mitzvah

Howdy all,

Our daughter Samarrah had her Bat Mitzvah this past Friday, along with 25 other fellow classmates who studied Hebrew and other things Jewish ...traditions, Torah....etc.
Through a group funded by Birthright Israel.

It was a very nice evening....with 25 young adults telling their stories...of why they were not bar or bat mitzvahed at age 13....and why they have decided they wanted to do this now....
It was great to hear all the different stories...but one thing seemed constant amongst all....they felt that now .....they appreciate what this means more than what it would have as a 13 year old...".its not about the party or the presents",
as one of the students said....
now at this stage in their life...
Its about community, tradition, and heritage.
Its about making the choice to..
connect to their roots.
Their Jewishness....

Samarrah wrote a beautiful can hear that on the video....

click on this link to read the interpreted lyrics to So Far by HaBanot Nechama


  1. that was cool. Sam look so confident and composed as she was speaking. Her poem was beautiful and you must have been very proud of her as I am now.

  2. Oh Samarrah. You looked great up there. I got pretty choked up listening to your poem. I love it. Congrats I love you -xoxoxo Tara

  3. This was beautiful....Mazel Tov to Samarrah and your family
    Anita and Steve

  4. mazal tov!!



  5. Wow, what a special day. Samarah that was a beautiful poem and we are all proud of you. What a beautiful person you are..


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