Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ati and Missys Wedding

Howdy all,

Saturday...we went to the wedding of my nephew Ati and his lovely bride Missy.
I forgot to charge my battery on my camera so i didnt take as many pictures and video as i wanted....oh well...
Tammy took some video as well and will post it as soon as she gets it together...I borrowed some of her still pictures to add to mine.
Anyway....we had a great time...the rain held off...and everyone had fun.

My Brother John, His wife Barbara and Atis daughter Julianna

Mom and Dad

Me, Mom, Dad ..sisters Tammy and Lori..

Ati and Missys Wedding

This is my webshots can click on the slideshow to view or go to my webshots album to see pictures as they were taken...


  1. Very cool. Wow the boys were really bustin some moves out on the dance floor. Looks like alot of fun.

  2. What a beautiful wedding and nice setting. Loved your brown gown, a new color? ha ha!
    Like your haiku entry too.
    Thanks for sharing.


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