Sunday, July 06, 2008

Salem, Ma. July 4th...concert and fireworks

howdy all,

Jeff and I had a very nice 4th, celebrating first with a lovely picnic at Don and Adas in Salem.
Great company, food and weather......I was a bit lazy and didnt take any photos of the picnic...
I did take video of the Concert and Fireworks and the short walk back to our car.
Hope you all had a happy fourth....

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  1. Well the first film started a bit slow. I wondered what that pup was rolling in. That kind of bothered me. hehe and I also womdered if that tall and short couple would be a couple next 4th of July. But all in all both films were great. I have to say I caught my breath in the second video which I always do at real fireworks also got teary eyes which I get with real fireworks too. I turned the volume up really loud and actually could feel the finale booming right through my chest which is the best feeling of all. Took me back to Pgh with a passel of kids in tow watching fireworks at the Point. That was so much fun. Thanks nob. Tears are still in eyes as I type.


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