Sunday, March 01, 2015

Things you see in the Glades

We have been almost a week now here in the Glades..

When we arrived we realized we had a hitch hiker from North Fort Meyers.

I tried for a few days to catch it and lure it outside. It hung out in an air vent on the dash.

On the third day I was able to get it outside.

I hope its happy in this new environment.


Since we are fairly close we walk Anhinga trail most every day.

We see all the regulars hanging out together.

Great Blue heron with a Gator.


Tricolored Heron


Yes, always plenty of alligator here..









A young Purple gallinuleP1080655


Heart cloud…P1080669

Jeff and I were meeting up with some friends at  the Flamingo

area of the park..

We had lots of time before they arrived to wander around.

This Black-necked stilt was at Eco pond.


White peacock.P1080736

I think this one is a Great Southern White


The whole of Flamingo was full of them…


A very worn Gulf Fritillary




The resident Crocodile P1080792

Ring-billed GullP1080798

Our friends Angel and Mariel met us and we continued on exploring..

More of that in my next post from the Glades..

Oh..and by the way..

Its very hot here this time of year…mid 80s..a bit too hot for my blood…


Chris Rohrer said...

I love the glades. So glad you're taking pics from that area. Beautifully done!

Kathie Brown said...

Ha! I skipped over the snail post to read this one Dawn! I would love to bird this place! I am glad you are having such a good time. Though you are getting a bit hot, i can tell you that it would be a bit cold for you to wear those sandals in New England! Miss you!

Dawn Fine said...

Chris- yeah..Jeff and I always like going to the
Glades. This year it was a bit too hot for us...will go earlier next time

Dawn Fine said...

Kathie- oh skipped over some gorgeous snails!

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