Thursday, March 12, 2015

A trip to Flamingo area of Everglades NP

A visit to the Flamingo area of Everglades National Park should always include a visit to Eco Pond. Early morning we found to be best.

P1090639Lots of Roseates and Black-necked Stilt 



A Video of Roseates feeding in harmony….


Roseates and Black-necked Stilt


Lots of Black-necked stilt this visit…


A group of Pelican this same morning…

It was busy early in the morning…P1090656

I digiscoped a few Roseate spoonbills

P1090665P1090670P1090671We did the short stroll along the pond…

checking to see what other birds were around.

I found this lovely flower..

P1090673Any idea what it is?

It looks to me to be a type of morning glory that has yet to unfurl.

P1090675More birds as we continue our walk

P1090699Black-necked Stilt



There were many Florida whites flitting everywhere..



Stilt on the other side of the pond…resting after their morning forage.


We leave the pond and go on another search for the leucistic Turkey Vulture..

Black Vulture

P1090755The Vultures hang out in the campground searching for leftovers…or unattended foods.

Sadly we didn’t find the bird..

P1090760We then headed to the visitor center at Flamingo.

It was low tide and we were searching for Flamingos…sadly, no Flamingos either..Would have been a life bird for us.


On our way back east to our campground at Long Pine we stopped to walk around the Mangroves..


One must very careful while walking thru Mangroves…

Luckily this walk was all on board walk and had railings…P1090772

Tall enough to keep the Mangrove Monsters where they belong..


If you saw my last post we know that Jeff and I have moved to Key Largo for a few days. More on that later!


  1. Looks like you are having a blast:) Gorgeous video and pics!

  2. I rarely comment but really enjoy your blog. It's fun to see all the places (generally warm ones) I could be instead of here! I think your flower might be hogvine: merremia umbellata.

  3. Dawn, this looks really looks like a wonderful place to bird! I'm glad you had fun. Sorry you missed the leuchistic vulture.

  4. Chris- thanks! Had a wonderful time!

  5. Roamingpursuits-yes...some great colors!

  6. Sara Rail- thanks so much for the ID! Thanks for visiting my blog! :))

  7. Kathie- yes...we always love going to the
    Everglades...this time it was a bit too hot.


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