Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Snow on a hot day in June

We didn’t expect to see snow in June…..

and yet, there it was…

P1040509A light dusting of white fluff….


Seeds of snow….

P1040504lining the walkway…






We think this is the large tree that made it snow..




Thanks Barb and Holly for your ID help.


The Furry Gnome said...

Poplar fluff! We get it every year here, and I've posted about it on my blog in the past. Looks like a Cottonwood or one of the hybrid poplars.

Barbara D. said...

At first I thought that was real snow - it looks real. We had those cottonwoods at Percha Lake State Park in NM - I still have some of that "snow" in the corner of my screen where I can't get at it. Dern stuff was everywhere. Blowing through the air with every breeze. Really pretty, but it sure did stick to stuff. :)

vesselsmemories said...

Hi Dawn
Where was the snow, did I miss that? My daughter lives near Denver and they had snow in late May! Crazy! Also reading your post before this one...lovely family photos! Happy summer.
@A Place for Pictures and Memories

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