Monday, November 14, 2011

Taking a break…Pittsburgh

Howdee all,

Taking a bit of a break..

Not offline completely..Just a bit of a cyber slow down..

While hanging out with Sicksta and recovering Colin.

I took a few pictures while walking around Colin's neighborhood.


The photo below is the school field across from Colin's apartment.


The next two while walking the hood..

I tried to capture how hilly it is around here…Pittsburgh_007

The photos just don’t do it justice..Much hillier than it looks.

I wrote this as one of my status updates on facebook  ..


I wouldn't want to drive a stick shift in Pittsburgh. You don't need to buy a stair master here just take a walk. Kids need to have ropes on their toys with wheels or round toys so they don't end up at the bottom of the street. Kids at the bottom of the streets are lucky.. More toys


Pittsburgh_008Tomorrow Colin goes for his CT scan

Wednesday he sees his surgeon~hopefully we will have a better idea when we can all leave for North Carolina.


Until then~We are here…


  1. I've been thinking of you and Colin and your family today. I will keep you all in my prayers. Family first.

  2. Nice photos Dawn, and glad Colin is doing so well.


  3. LOVED the fall photos ~ I sure hope Colin is doing better and all works out for him! Prayers are headed your way!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  4. Hope all be well soon with Colin. You've got stunning captures of your walk of the neighborhood. Love the "hilly" surroundings.

  5. I get a good sense of what that's neighborhood is like from your nice photos. It's hilly but not near as steep as some of the mountains and hollows around here.
    I'm glad Colin is doing well and I'm sure your sister appreciates you being there.

  6. Thanks my friends. I really appreciate all your thoughts and prayers when Colin was injured.

    I will sound like a broken record to some..but here goes.
    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to your comments and respond to them.

    It has been a difficult month to say the least. I didn't realize that I was all consumed and even though I had times when i could have commented and responded to comments I just couldn't find the strength to do it.

    Now that Colin is well again and life is happy again..
    I will try to catch up with all of you.

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ok what do you really think?????