Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bluff point, Groton, CT

A Great Egret in flight at Palo Alto Baylands,...

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Howdee all,

Its Autumn here in Connecticut. Blustery, stormy days interspersed with sunshine and windy days.

Bluff point is our favorite place for a four mile round trip walk..not to far from Mom and Dads.

bluff point_025 bluff point_024

This was an evening walk.
bluff point_023

   Windy with no rain.bluff point_021

Just getting dark…bluff point_019

We brought our bins on this walk..but the wind kept most birds down.

We did see a Great Egret.

bluff point_016

  Lots of Cormorants, Gulls and Yellow-rumped warblers, Song sparrows, Eastern Towhees and Blue jays.bluff point_013 was pretty quiet…

bluff point_011 (1)

I am always looking for mushrooms…We found a few gems on this trip.

This is some sort of Lepioda mushroom bluff point_010 (1)

I have never tried any Lepioda mushrooms..too many poisonous look alikes.

bluff point_009 (1)

  Puff ball city..bluff point_007 (1)

  Some puff balls are edible

If I don't know a mushroom well, I don't eat it unless I am out with an expert.

bluff point_005 (2)

I try to stay with the safe mushrooms..ones I know inside and out.bluff point_006 (2)

If these are edible..this would make a nice mushroom soup.

Instead..I will use the mushrooms I froze and dried last fall in Oregon…

Chanterelles, Lobsters, Matsutake, Porcini, Chicken of the woods.

bluff point_003 (1)

   The colors are changing..the leaves are falling..and the Birdies are going souther..bluff point_001 (2)

A lovely time of year… bluff point_002 (1) 


  1. Fine place for a hike. The puffballs look tempting. Your fall is gorgeous.

  2. The leaves are gorgeous and I think mushrooms are so interesting!

  3. Love the color of your autumn leaves! We don't have them here but will go to our son's in Missouri soon. Their trees are usually gorgeous by the end of October.
    Your photo of the egret is excellent--as are all of them!

  4. Good grief, if you're not a mushroom expert, who is??? You could write a book on all the different kinds you've eaten!

    Love the fall colors you included! They're just starting to turn here.

    Oh...those ball things you asked about in the mountain garden? I don't know what they were, but I loved them.

  5. I really liked this walk, beautiful path to walk on by the water.

    It's been way too long since I've stopped by.

    I need to catch up...!

    Hope all is going well, but how could it not, free and traveling.

  6. I love going on these walks with you! I don't eat any mushrooms unless they are morels which I never find.

  7. Dawn, what a beautiful place for a hike. Loved the egret and the pretty leaves. The mushrooms are cool. I am usually checking them out on my walks but I wouldn't eat any of them.

  8. superba postare ,fantastice fotografii,bravo

  9. Howdee all,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am playing catch up here on Blogger..
    Seems like I am always behind in responding to comments...
    Too much too do.

    Thanks again

  10. The mushrooms look so cool in that formation. Boy do I love the beautiful scenery at bluff point.. it's so peaceful and beautiful there! You capture that nicely in your photos.

  11. Missy..thanks dear for your nice comments on my posts..Hope all is well with you! :)


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