Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Have you checked us out?

Howdee all,

Have you checked out the new website yet?


The site is barely a week old..still some tweaking to do.

Lots of Great writers.

My first post goes out on Friday.

I will remind you all on Friday so you can go check it out and see what I will be writing about.

 In the meantime….I had a blog post just about finished on our Sunday hike to Lantern Hill.

My computer went wacky and poof it was gone..all except the photos.

So, I got mad at my computer and haven't yet gone back to edit the post.

I might decide to try today..this time I will remember to save a draft or two..I thought it was autosaved..but I guess not.


Saturday night..Jeff and I burned some of our past. 20 years or so of papers that we had saved..about 130 pounds worth..

My family helped sort thru the papers and burn them…it was great fun!

Yippee..Burn baby Burn.

bonfire papers_001


  1. Where are the scheduled posts? Kenn posted on Thursday and I haven't seen anything since.

  2. Nate,
    Thats very odd. I go on the site and see all the posts.
    I know others are experiencing issues.
    Dont know whats up. I am not familiar with wordpress and dont want to muck it up. Gunnar is away for a week and cant monitor what is happening.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Nate,
    Ok..something is up. when I log out as administrator..I see what you are seeing. Not sure how to fix. Will check with others on the team, for an answer.

  5. Yeah, if there have been other posts, I haven't seen them. They're certainly not coming through on the RSS feed.

  6. Very nice Dawn! Love the concept. Site looks great.

    Craig Glenn
    Craig's Bird Watching and Nature Blog

  7. What an interesting idea! I'm going to go check out the new site now...

  8. Looks like a great site! Looking forward to your Friday post!

  9. Nothing like a great bonfire! Looking forward to your post!

  10. Great new site! It is nice you had help going thru all the papers. Love the bonfire.

  11. Thanks everyone..the site is working beautifully now..still a work in process..but all is well..check out my post tomorrow for my first Featured Bird Blogger..


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