Friday, October 29, 2010

Come on over and say hello

Howdee all,

My First post is hot of the presses on site. You have to click on the link below to see it, as we are still having issues with the Thesis theme on wordpress.

Birds and Bloggers <my first post.

On the right hand side of the blog Under Whats New you will see other posts.

So go on over and say hello..send me a comment there so that I know you are able to see everything.digiscoping class with clay (6)

See you there!


  1. Hi Dawn. First time visiting. New blogger myself. Long-time birder and looking forward to getting it all together, etc etc.

    Also looking forward to future reading of your blog. Like you, I like to read blogs.

  2. Kathy H..
    Thanks so much for commenting and checking out the new site at
    Everything is fixed now..and looks good.
    check out my post tomorrow..Going to check out your blog now.


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