Saturday, May 10, 2008

Goodbye North Carolina we are On the road again

Howdy all,

Thanks for all your calls and cards and cyber-birthday cards...I had a nice birthday...and a great birthday meal.

We left Adele and Craig's (boo-hoo) on Thursday and made it to Davis Lakes campground...our destination for the Great Dismal Swamp Bird Festival in Suffolk, Va.

We had a wonderful time at Adele and Craigys as usual....Jeff got a bit of golf in...but had shoulder and elbow problems...I did some gardening...and we both did a bit of birdwatching.
It was sad to leave as usual...but we will be back again in November for some more fun.

But back to the bird festival.....I have never been to a bird festival...where you don't pay for the walks or tours....where they give you water and crackers to start your early morning bird coffee the second day...along with hot dogs, chips and water much as you would like...
And to boot...Jeff and I were both given kits and made bird

This is the second year of this small bird festival, and it is sponsored by Suffolk Tourism, Fish and Wildlife Bureau the Dismal swamp national wildlife refuge and a few others. The festival is three days...with a few bird walks, bus tours and some displays.keep in mind it is quite small when it comes to bird festivals, but it was very nice and we saw some birds....ha..
The first day was Friday. Jeff and went on a 6:30 bird walk, an afternoon tour to the lake and an evening owl owls were seen on that prowl....oh well...

The second day an 8am walk...with warm coffee to start.....and after the walk we had hotdogs and chips and made two birdhouses which i will give to Mom and Dad if they want them....i don't think the birds would appreciate us taking them touring around the USA with us.

We saw two life birds for us.... a yellow billed cuckoo, which is actually quite common here....and a Swainson's warbler.. We also saw many other birds, the Prothontary warbler is quite common here....Hooded warbler, black and white warbler, Acadia fly catcher, Redstarts, Great crested flycatcher and others.
It was a nice little bird festival and we recommend it if you happen to be in the area.

We are now headed to Annapolis, should arrive around seven this evening....We will park at the local Elks lodge and my cousin Toni,who i haven't seen in 30 some years, will meet us there with her husband...So i am excited to see her again after sooo many years.
Will get back tomorrow with pictures....
catcha later..

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