Tuesday, May 27, 2008

found old Haiku

As I was spring cleaning I found some old Haiku I had done for my old Homestead website...
I also found a story I started about Ballie...which i will post later....

Cat Haiku

Black boy sits and looks
intently at the toy
hoping it will move.

Overflowing the cardboard box
the cat finds coziness
inside its cramped corners.

Silly boy, Silly boy
he jumps and pounces
on his shadow.

6am fur alarm
stone hits hardwood floor
hungry cat happy with our stirring.

Eyes open in slits
mouth wide in yawn as paws stretch
eyes close...Its Nap time.

other Haiku

The sun sits gently
on my cool face
making it feel like summer.

Pink blossoms unfurl
to breathe in the freshness
of spring.

Coziness, cats and a dog rule
in their household run with love

and collections.

Beautiful woman,
yesterday, struggling teenager
today she saves the world.

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  1. I really enjoyed the haiku and you know I love your computer art. Do some new ones.


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