Sunday, March 18, 2007

Evening in the San Rafael Grasslands

Haven't blogged for a while, and its not because we haven't been doing anything....most days we go birding somewhere around the Patagonia area. Either a drive to look at birds or a walk to see them.
We are still traveling with Dick and Judi May, and recently Patti and Geno Masuda joined us here. It was Patti and Geno who originally introduced us to this area.

It is a wonderful area, lots of birding here, and never enough time to see it all. We have discovered a few new areas on this trip...but i am sure there are plenty others waiting to be discovered....oh time.

We leave here on Tuesday after our mail arrives.

I have taken lots of other video...but for whatever reason....I have not added it to the blog....maybe sometime later or maybe never....

I do have this one video that was taken last night in the San Rafael Grasslands.....we went for the sunset with Geno and Patti....

and below that are the pictures we have taken from some of our adventures in the area.....



  1. Gorgeous sky! I think I would have liked to watch this one with just music, no singing. Love Chicky

  2. Great area and nice photos. See any snakes?

  3. Chicky...turn down the sound...then you will get no music....ha
    and not snakes there Lori...but we did see one yesterday


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