Friday, April 01, 2016

Sunset beach, NC

Jeff and I have been in Myrtle beach for about a week now.
It's a funky area with big hotels, condos, time shares and people lining the beach.
But..more on that when I post a few photos later.
To pass some time in the area Jeff thought it might be fun to check out the 
Wyndham time shares. Only two hours of our time and we can get free show tickets and dinner.
It ended up being five hours of breakfast, tour and then sales pitch.
Luckily we didn't cave for the buy.
 We had enough time after the sales pitch to drive a bit further north into North Carolina to walk Sunset beach. We walk south into the sun...

Beach view north from where we stated the walk.

It was around four in the afternoon.

The sun shining in our eyes and glistening on the water.

 Sanderling and a few people walk the beach.


Not crowded like Myrtle beach.

beach bubbles....

No high rises on the beach....

Instead, Sand dunes line the beach.

I enjoyed taking photos of the glistening water and sand.


 About one and a half miles in is a mailbox.

Journals for beach goers to write in.

We saw eight Piping plover on the beach.


We walk on...

Past water sculpted sands.






In about two and a half miles the beach ends and we follow the inlet west.

Until we find a path to bring us back to the beach.

We then walk north toward the car.

I find a sand dollar.

Not much else other than bits and pieces of sand dollars.


  Our shadows long....

We use our hands and legs

to make a heart. After a few attempts we get it right.

Another Willet.


About ten in total up and down the beach.

Beach and sky start to blend.

Fishing trawler attracts sea birds.

Wish we had our scope to ID them.

 Lots of Laughing Gulls on the beach.


Looking north toward the pier.

Willet and Red Knot.

This was the only Red Knot on the walk.


The sun is getting lower.

I like taking photos into the sun to get bird and people silhouettes.


We continue our walk north.

I look south...

Beach and sky become one.



I love how the slick water on sand brings the sky down to earth.

Sun getting lower...


Looking above the pier, blue below.

We are back to the car.

A gorgeous sunset and beach walk.


 We leave Myrtle Beach today and go to Huntington Beach for two weeks.

More beach combing and walks.

See you there!


  1. Great series of photos! My sis is moving near Sunset beach, it will be nice to visit there. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend.

  2. I got a blender for attending one of those time share things, long, long ago. What a spectacularly quiet looking beach. Those shots of the sky on the wet sand are superb. Hope your next beach is this nice.


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