Friday, April 01, 2016

Myrtle beach funk

The beach was calling me. 

I looked online to see what we could find for campgrounds.

Nothing..nada nada.

So we used Jeffs Elks club membership and stayed in the parking lot of the local Elks club.

Myrtle beach, SC. Funky town.

Home of a thousand all you can eat Calabash style eateries.

Home of amusement rides and parks, mini golf and famous golf courses.

We walked around Broadway at the Beach.

Lots of families and teens.

Paddle boats


Way too many carp!

They have feeding stations where you can buy food to feed this monsters.

Cool planters...manequins cut in half.

Myrtle beach is great place for families.

Not my cup of tea...I would rather be away from it all...

..but it was fun for the short time we were there.

One overcast day we walked the beach.

Myrtle Beach looking south


This is about 27th street area.

We walked north this overcast first day.

Looking south...


Brown pelican


Another day we walk south on Myrtle beach.



 Lots of kiddies our playing in the sand.

Sanderling were the only peeps we saw on the beach.

We did see Willet and Ring-billed gull and a few Laughing gull.

 We left our parking lot campground today and are now in our new home.

Peace and quiet here...

Stay tuned. 

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