Thursday, April 14, 2016

Say it isn't so

Say it isn't so....

Two weeks have passed much too quickly here.

Huntington Beach State Park

I will miss our six mile walks on the beach.

I will miss the ever changing scenes.

It's never the same.

 Always new things and critters being washed ashore and taken back again.

I loved walking the surfs edge looking for treasures.


You never know what odd things you might find.

Some sort of sea creature attached to an electrical socket.

Barnacles attach to anything


Sea cucumber

Purple Sea Pork

I will miss the ever changing patterns in the sand.

Water made..

Man made
The Rangers four wheeler.

wind made..

I will miss beach art


I will miss these scenes...

The birds

I will miss the colorful beach foam bubbles




I will miss watching others enjoy the beach.

Beach bathing boy 


There is a lot to miss here....

My boardwalk beauties
I said goodbye to them.
Mr Happy
Ms. Mouthful
Unhappy Sal

I said goodbye to the causeway 

And the birds that live there.

I wished Mrs. Wood duck and her babies well.

Goodbye beach...



Goodbye causeway...

Say it isn't so......



  1. Very nice, Dawn. I love your eye for beauty and beach art!

  2. Very nice, Dawn. I love your eye for beauty and beach art!

  3. Hello Dawn, wonderful images from your stay at the beach. It looks lovely there. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. yep we too miss the beach but time for new adventures...


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