Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hiking the wash with the My Bad Elf

Before we left our lovely campsite parked beside our friends home in Calico Basin, we did a last hike through the wash east of their property.

I used my Bad Elf to map our route.

We walked east past their home and over a hill toward the wash.

hiking the wash_001There is no trail so made our own meandering through this rocky desert.

hiking the wash_002Views of the red rocks..

hiking the wash_003I am always looking down…

I find a heart..

hiking the wash_004

I don't know what type of cactus this is but it was a lovely shade of purple.

hiking the wash_006Here we are in the wash..

This area becomes a raging river after a big rain storm.

hiking the wash_007Polka dot boulders dot the sides of the wash..

hiking the wash_008

hiking the wash_009

Its been a dry winter here.

In the past we have seen this wash filled with water.

hiking the wash_010I love the colors here, reds, grays, orange, purples and the blue blue sky.

hiking the wash_011I found some chalk in the wash and gave it to Jeff to write our names on one of the rocks.

I think he must have dyslexia..

hiking the wash_012Oh well..

Its the thought that counts. Smile hiking the wash_013

More vibrant colors.

I love hiking the wash..

Its an easy hike for those days when you just don't feel like going uphill out of breath..

You can breathe easy here..

hiking the wash_014I like to stroll and see what I can find..

This little rock with the two eyes, reminded me of an owl.

I know..I am a Bird Brain…

hiking the wash_015A Brick red heart…

hiking the wash_016I found this strange mushroom that must have come up after some rain.

it was dried out and the stem felt like wood.

hiking the wash_022The wash changes shape and color…

hiking the wash_023A few more hearts..

hiking the wash_025

hiking the wash_026This large boulder is taller than I am..

I went up to see why all the smaller rocks are stuck on the side.

hiking the wash_028Nature has cemented them on.

hiking the wash_030Jeff  ahead of me in the wash..

The tall red earth sides of the wash tower over him.

hiking the wash_032I look up and see a rock balancing on the hard red earth..

The red earth will erode away before the balanced rocks..

hiking the wash_033We reach the end of our trail.

This part of the wash ends abruptly

. We would have to climb about 11 feet over what would be a water fall area if there was water.

hiking the wash_036

Instead we backtrack and head out of the wash and take another trail back to Homey.

hiking the wash_041We walk past beautiful barrel cactus..

hiking the wash_045Large boulders..

hiking the wash_046Did they fall from this rocky mountain?

hiking the wash_048We continue our walk west..

hiking the wash_050stopping to watch the rock climbers..

hiking the wash_051This is a very popular area for rock climbing and bouldering.

hiking the wash_052hiking the wash_054Lots of rocks to practice on..

hiking the wash_055hiking the wash_056The climbers come carrying their pads that are used to break their fall.

hiking the wash_058We call them Sponge Bobs, because of the square pads they carry ....

hiking the wash_060

hiking the wash_059

hiking the wash_063We continue our hike west..

hiking the wash_064

Through the red sands…

hiking the wash_067

  then head south..back to where we started.

Another terrific hike in Calico Basin.

Just a little over three miles..

I will miss our walks here….

 map 2

map 1

map 3

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