Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A first-Lost in the Sheetz :)

Howdee all,

We left for Pittsburgh around 4:30am. We checked Google maps for a route. Google maps now gives the choice of three different routes, which is pretty cool.
We wanted to avoid NYC completely so we took the third route option, taking us onto 95s then route 9 north..eventually to 84, avoiding the city.
What a great way to go...no traffic, rolling hills, copper and tan foliage..a very pleasant ride.

We stopped at a Sheetz to get gas. It was lunchtime so we thought we would see what they had on the menu.

While Jeff was pumping gas, I went in to check the menu. I looked all over for a menu board and couldn't find one. Then I noticed people walking up and touching a computer screen.

So, I gave it a try...it was fun going thru the menu and ordering everything I wanted on the sandwich, different choices for bread, toppings, cheeses etc.
I had no idea what I was doing and didn't finalize the order and had to reorder a few times before I figured out how to go thru the menu correctly.

The Tuna wrap I ordered with pesto sauce and Swiss was yummy. The Pumpkin late with organic Sumatra was pretty good too. Jeff shared my sandwich and had a frozen Pumpkin mocha.
Have you ever been to a Sheetz?

We are now just about an hour away from Pittsburgh.
Looking forward to seeing Colin and Sicksta.


  1. i have never even heard of it before. Give sicksta Del and Col a big hug for us.

  2. Wow, that's the sheetz. Soon it will all be voice activated. Safe journey.

  3. We're regular at Sheetz around here.

  4. I have never heard of Sheetz. What an interesting concept...and food. May the Travel Safely Angel be with you!

  5. Ah...and I see you have Waldo with you! I hope he is behaving! Me? I have never heard of sheetz. I hope your sister and Colin are both feeling hopeful about his healing. I know your love will help. You are so compassionate.

  6. I have never heard of a Sheetz. Sounds like they have good eats...hey, that rhymes :-))

  7. Did you order from an iPad or was it a regular computer screen? It sounds cool!

  8. Hey family and friends. Thanks for stopping by and commenting..

    I really liked Sheetz..we ordered off a computer touch screen..fun!
    I ate there another time and had a breakfast sandwich with pesto sauce..yummy..

    Any hoo..sorry it has taken me so long to respond to comments here...a bit preoccupied with my nephew.

    Getting back to normal now...Yippeee..


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