Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crazy “Transformer” Owl

Check out this video..

A crazy transformer owl..it changes it shape and size when it feels threatened by another owl.

Read this link to learn more about the owl

Southern White Faced Scops Owl



  1. That was hilarious and super cool!

  2. Wow, what an amazing critter! So cute!

  3. Thanks for posting that video!! I had so many questions about the owl that I looked it up in my Princeton Encyclopedia of Birds - White-faced Scops Owl - and found an article in Wikipedia referring to the video:

    As shown, the owl has a rather notable defense mechanism. When faced with another owl slightly larger than it, the bird flares its wings to appear larger. When faced with something much larger than itself, it pulls its feathers inwards and elongates its body to appear as a tree branch.


  4. That's so funny that you posted this, my boyfriend just showed me this video about a week ago!

    You're bummin' me out here, Dawn. I was in Narragansett, RI on family vacation from August 14-21, and then drove back out to school in Rochester, NY on the 28th. Just barely missed you in both RI for the BwBTW trip and in Mass! (I'm right around Lowell) Hope to catch you one of these days :P

  5. WOW... if mother nature isn't the smartest woman out there... I'm not sure who is! I loved this... Great post Dawn! xo

  6. That was great. Owls sure know how and when to blend in. Funny stuff. Thanks for sharing

  7. Glad you all enjoyed this owl.
    Thanks Hilke for the additional information!

    Sorry you werent able to make the BwBTC outing in Rhode Island...hopefully we will see you the next outing!

  8. Dawn, you always come up with such interesting birding info. This bird is cool! Thanks.


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