Saturday, September 18, 2010

Birding Great Meadows NWR, Concord, Ma

Howdee all,


Thursday, Kathie and I went birding.

Some of you may know Kathie from her blog.. Sycamore Canyon.

Since moving back to New England she started a new blog called  Kathie's Birds.

We met Kathie last year while in Arizona.

I knew this was a difficult move for Kathie as she had to leave her beloved Sycamore Canyon and her lovely birds.

I was getting over a bout with Vertigo..

So we went birding, and that always makes things better!


Here we are hanging out in the Homey.

I stole this phone photo from Kathie's facebook page…Thanks Katie!


        Great Meadows NWR, Concord Unit

Great meadows with Kathie_002We started by walking up the observation tower…for and overview of the area..

Great meadows with Kathie_004 Kathie adding a few birds to her list.

Two female scarlet tanagers. 

Great meadows with Kathie_007 We walked the path between the meadow area.

Great meadows with Kathie_008  There is usually much more water here…the area was drained so that they could build a viewing platform. We were told they would be adding water in a week or two, which will help attract more birds.Great meadows with Kathie_025Because of low water levels, we didn't see as many birds as Jeff and I have seen here in the past.Great meadows with Kathie_026We did see three Great Blue heron.          Great Meadow_008See the one below hiding in the Lotus?Great Meadow_005A female Wood duck and a female Black Duck were hanging out together.Great Meadow_015 Acres of Lotus plants.Great Meadow_017   Great Meadow_031      There were several small patches of water…  Great Meadow_006    Great meadows with Kathie_029   Lots of wildflowers blooming..

Great meadows with Kathie_010    Savannah SparrowGreat Meadow_047 Can you see the Chimney Swifts?        Great Meadow_058 Cat tailGreat meadows with Kathie_015 Great meadows with Kathie_016 And many other unidentified wild flowers..Great meadows with Kathie_017 Great meadows with Kathie_018Great meadows with Kathie_022Milkweed seed heads  Great Meadow_013 We did a 1.7 mile loop around the meadow…

Stopping at the Concord River

Great meadows with Kathie_033  We thought we might see a Kingfisher…but didn't.Great meadows with Kathie_035   unidentified Turtle Great Meadow_053more beautiful wildflowers..  Great meadows with Kathie_044 We did see 22 species of birds and had a lovely walk.

It was great, just spending time together.Great meadows with Kathie_046 After birding, I took Kathie to Kimball Farms..Great meadows with Kathie_052 Where we had a lunch of ice cream…Coconut Almond Chip for me..Great meadows with Kathie_060Great meadows with Kathie_053This big boy hung out around the Picnic tables and greeted everyone.    Great meadows with Kathie_061 Isn't he handsome?Great meadows with Kathie_062

A Wonderful Day!

Welcome Back to New England Kathie!

Lets go Birding again!!!!


Birds of the day

    Wood Duck      
     American Black Duck     
      Great Blue Heron     
     Turkey Vulture     
      Northern Harrier     
     Red-tailed Hawk     
     American Kestrel     
     Chimney Swift     
      Downy Woodpecker     
     Hairy Woodpecker     
      Blue Jay     
      American Crow     
      Northern Rough-winged Swallow     
      Black-capped Chickadee     
      Tufted Titmouse     
      White-breasted Nuthatch     
     Black-and-white Warbler     
     Savannah Sparrow     
      Scarlet Tanager     
      Red-winged Blackbird     
      American Goldfinch


Kimball Farms 
Cooper's Hawk
 hawk sp.
 Common Nighthawk
 Chimney Swift
 Blue Jay
 American Crow
 American Goldfinch
 House Sparrow


  1. So glad the two of you got to go birding again.

  2. Great post and it is wonderful you and Kathie got together for a day of birding. It looks like you both had a nice day.

  3. A Scarlet Tanager is on my wish list. What a beautiful birding area.

  4. looks like a wonderful day spent. Hope the vertigo is gone by now

  5. Looks and sounds like you spent a lovely day together. Your photographs are beautiful! A very enjoyable blog post to view.

  6. Howdee all,
    Kathie and I had a great time..
    It was just fun being together..the birds were a bonus.
    Thanks for all your comments..


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