Friday, August 25, 2006

In Colorado near Mesa Verde National Park


We Had a Wonderful week with the Smoot family at Lake Powell, what a great Houseboating trip. The Cats adjusted well, I have plenty of video and pictures that I will put up when I have a rainy day.

here is a link to the pictures

We are now staying here... nice rv park, close to mesa verde and free wifi.

So far I really like Colorado, We are in the southwestern portion. We have been here before over 15 years ago so it feels new to me... Things I Like...

The Mountains...this year thier monsoon season, which is now, has provided alot of rain in the upper elevations, which means ...MUSHROOMS. will go and see what we can find in a few days.

They know what Organic is here...even the small town no name grocery stores , feature fresh organic produce, locally grown stuff too.

They are earthy, crunchy, new agey.

Lots of Hummingbirds migrating south now. Birding seems good so far.

Wonderful Indian Pueblo ruins in this area.

Its cooler the higher elevations.

Yesterday we drove around to a few small towns nearby getting info on the area, Mancos and Delores, Cortez . Went on a Hike in mesa verde national the top of a mesa rock formation, Started around 7 pm and finished around 8 ,2 miles up and down, and a thunderstorm nearby...we ran down thinking that the storm would reach us.


ok what do you really think?????