Wednesday, July 12, 2006

West Yellowstone

This is a cute home for sale in Livingston.....small but in good shape...just needs some character added inside and out....but not much....Dont think jeff will go for it...they are asking 279,000
I would get rid of chain fence and put nice one..... open porch again in front....
plant some trees...make master suit on first floor with addition.


  1. Nob
    Cute house! Are you going to get it?

  2. the house is ready for your magic touch

  3. The house is really cute. I can see it with a nice fence and gardens. Lovely views. I am not happy that Charlene left a comment on your blog and did not bother to leave one on mine. I just might have to block her out though she probably doesn't check my blog anyway.


ok what do you really think?????