Monday, December 03, 2012

The Pups~ ~for Sicksta~

Howdee all,

As most of you know, Jeff and I and our Homey are parked in my Sicksta and her hubbies side yard in North Carolina.

Sicksta and her hubby work different hours. When Sicksta works, she leaves early in the morning for her job at Big Bloomers flower farm. Craigy works crazy hours, mostly late afternoon and evenings.

So, when Craigy works…the bed doesn’t get made. I would fire him for sure…but it doesn’t seem to bother Sicsksta.

I don’t know about you, but I HATE coming home to a bed not made.

So, every day when Craigy leaves for work I go next door to make the bed.

This is what I find.

carthage_036Jack and Kali snuggled in the bed.

carthage_031Jack knows what I am up to and gives me the…please don’t disturb me eyes.

Kali knows what I am up to and leaves.

Jack sticks around until he cant take being disturbed any longer.

carthage_033He comes back as soon as the bed is made.

carthage_020He looks at me…but doesn’t seem quite as comfy as he was before the bed was made.

carthage_018I try to understand what he wants..

carthage_017I thought he wanted this..but

he soon moves away from the covering.

I think we wants the bed unmade again…I wont do that..he will have to wait till tomorrow morning for that.

carthage_016Here is where Kali went off to..

carthage_014She likes to put indents in pillows. In her opinion pillows are made to be sat on…bedded on and mushed up. She always chooses the biggest and mushiest pillow.

carthage_013Who needs a dog bed when there are mushy pillows?

carthage_051And who needs a heater when there is sunshine to absorb.

carthage_061Dogs are smart..

carthage_058They know what they want and take it

.. if they can.


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