Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hanging out with the birds and our new Scope....and new contest...

Howdee all

I have a new contest...guess the bug that makes this sound
for a nice prize.....
first one to guess gets the prize...
good luck....

We did some birding this morning...a walk around Higbee beach...we didnt walk the beach ...but walked around fields and woods. Then grabbed a little lunch and Headed out to the Hawk watch area...... In the video below...Jeff talks a little about our new scope.


  1. So did you guys see anything good? How could you not at Higbee, right?

    Just wanted to say that you have an awesome blog here, Dawn! Too bad I'm not at Cape May this year - I'd love to chat about your travels.

  2. It is hard to hear from the video but it sounds like some type of cricket.

  3. sounds most like an Allard's Ground Cricket found on this page.

  4. Well beachgirl...unless anyone else says it is something else...i think you won u are good...i will have to find two nice prizes for you...I will have more contests...stay tuned

  5. Sounds all so technical to me, but it's good to hear your voices and see you both. Sorry, I don't know a thing about birding, but from what I see on your video it seems to bring much joy to so many people while walking around in the cold. Burrrrrrrrr.


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