Friday, October 31, 2008

Bird Brains...a few life birds for us in Cape May

thats my shadow third from left...HI..and our scope head left...wonderful evening birder shadows..

Howdee all...

Yes we are bird brains here in Cape
I guess being here in Cape May has put us into Bird Mode...all these birders in one area is very exciting and energizing and makes it so much easier for us novice birders to learn..learn ...learn...
Hopefully some of this info will sink in and we will be able to ID a few birds...
We continue to enjoy our new scope and yesterday we had great views of Northern Gannets, Lots of scooters, surf and black, Double crested and Great cormorant, common and red throated loons and lots of other birds..
Life birds for this trip so far are..

Lesser Black bellied gull
Saltmarsh Sharptail sparrow
Black Scoter
Great cormorant
Northern Gannet
Bay breasted Warbler
Field Sparrow

Jeff is out birding now...I stayed in this morning to hang out with my little fur boy and catch up on Internet stuff... I have been adding bird links and a few mushrooming links to my blog..
I am finding plenty of birding blogs that are great...but having a hard time finding wild mushroom picking blogs...bummer...if any of you have favorite blogs that I might like leave the url and I will check it out.

For those who know me I have my eyes on the ground as much as I have them in the clouds...
I love to find things...pick wild mushrooms...bird...and enjoy the great outdoors...
as well as the internet...tee hee......

Well i better get ready for some afternoon birding...and ground watching...If anyone knows where I can get xtra eyes let me know..

i just called jeff as he was birding...says a western tanager female was spotted and lots of birders out looking...he is coming to pick me up now..,..i have seen the bird our west...but what the heck..



  1. I only found one blog as of yet.

  2. I am sure I have seen that Dick Cissel on campaign posters around here. HAHHAHA

  3. thanks beach girl for the link...
    and i think dick cissel is running in the early bird elections.


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