Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Cresent Beach Day Pot luck dinner and mushroom talk

Last Saturday Jeff and I, Tammy and Joe went to Crescent beach day....My sister Lori and family, and brother John and Barbara are members of this beach.

We went to the craft fest where my brother in law Attillio was selling his hand made birdhouses, my sister in law, Barbara was selling her clay figurines and niece Tara was offering facials. The rain closed the booths down early...but luckily it cleared later in the day for the Pot luck.

sunday we went to Connecticut College to look at mushrooms and learn a bit about the ones that grow here on the east coast.


  1. The potluck looked fun. How come no one was dancing to the funky music? Mushroom video was very interesting. I didn't understand a word. There were alot of mushrooms though.

  2. The potluck was a blast and I had a great time and ate like a pig as usual. Too bad you didn't get Jeff's sound effect at the beginning of our walk on tape. LOL


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