Monday, February 14, 2011

♥~Valentine hearts~Cactus Wren Love~♥

Howdee all,

Its Valentines Day…

♥  Love is in the air ♥

 I filmed this a few years back while in Arizona..

I hope you can hang in there and watch the whole video..the cactus wren are so much fun.

I love to find hearts in nature…

Here are a few hearts from the past..

I found this heart in the Mohave National Preserve

imageThis one in Leon Sinks geological area….


While Birding the Consumnes River Preserve

I photographed these Sandhill crane with their red heart above the bill…image

I hope you find some today

♥  Happy Valentines Day ♥


  1. Happy Valentines Day Dawn. It's been a while. My bad. I especially liked the sandhill hearts. We just just back from a visit to relatives in Sebastian Florida where 6 sandhills stood on a small traffic island on a busy thoroughfare in the city. With trucks and cars whizzing by on both sides I walked up with my point and shoot. Is was unbelievable they were so oblivious to human activity. Here in Minnesota your lucky to get within hundred of yards before they spook. Now Im going to check out your posts especially the one on Merrit Island NWR. We missed it on our visit and will go back next winter. :)

  2. I LOVE finding hearts in nature too Dawn!! Great video!! Super post!

  3. Really like your natural heart shots, especially the first image.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Fantastic post! Hearts abound! I remember viewing your Cactus Wrens in Love video a while back ... wonderful! Wishing you a Valentine's Day filled with warmth and joy.

  5. What wonderful pictures! You've reminded me I need to keep my eyes open out there!

    Wishing you a day (week, year, life... ) filled with love and magic...

  6. ...loved the video and the music with it! That's the first song Rick and I ever danced to (the original version)--perfect for V-day!

  7. What a great post for Valentine's Day. Hope you had a good one. I ate too much chocolate!

  8. We always find hearts in nature; leaves, clouds, birds...there is all kinds of love out there! Maybe its because we are in love with nature or is it because we are in love in nature :) Love the video and the cool pics.

    Angel & Mariel

  9. I remember previous pictures of your nature hearts! I look for them, too, only mine are usually rocks.

    If you have time, look at this blog and see if you've ever seen what she's talking about. If anyone has, it's you... and you probably have 50 photos and 12 videos. LOL!

  10. Hmmm. It would help if I would include the blog link:

  11. troutbirder
    thanks for stopping by and its ok for the delay..I know how it is...I am finding it harder and harder to keep up with everyone these days, with facebook, twitter...and now another blog to write for...seems I have less time to read blogs..
    anyway..You must go to Merritt Island to bird your next visit..try to time it while the festival is happening.

    Thanks so much...hearts to you!

    Hope you had a super day with your Valentine!

    Julie G.
    Thanks so much! I hope you had a Lovely day!

    Carol and Johnny
    Hope you had a LOVE filled day...happy trails to you!

    Aww...your first dance you must play it for Rick and dance again!
    Hope you had a Love filled day!

    Appalachian Lady
    hee hee..dont talk about Chocolates..I tried locking mine up..problem is I have the key :)

    Thanks dearies..I think you love nature and thats why you find found each other too..
    Hope you had a heart filled day@

    Howdee silly lady...i say that in the most reverent way..anyone who knows your blog knows you are the queen of funny.
    anyway..thanks for that link...I checked it out and thought it was the coolest thing..I have never experienced or seen that before..very cool Bird angels!


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