Friday, May 31, 2013

Sunset~Bluff Point State Park

Its been very hot the past few days here in Connecticut.

Jeff and I wait until early evening to walk.

Its always a bit cooler at Bluff Point than inland..

Sunset Bluff P_001We finished our walk with a nice sunset..

Sunset Bluff P_006

Sunset Bluff P_015Just a few low clouds..

Sunset Bluff P_020

The sun sets..

lighting up the low clouds..

Sunset Bluff P_035

Sunset Bluff P_043The mountain cloud..

Sunset Bluff P_048

Jeff and I are in CT just a few more days…

Sunset Bluff P_054

We head to Massachusetts where we will await the birth of our

first Grandchild :)

Sunset Bluff P_061

We are very excited…

Sunset Bluff P_062

We plan to be nearby our daughter and her hubby, so that we can be of help when the baby comes.

Sunset Bluff P_066

This is new for all of us..

We cant wait to meet her!

Sunset Bluff P_074

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weeds no more..

While parked at Mom and Dads we get into a few gardening projects.

I have been trimming shrubs. I planted the front bed with annuals and mulched it.

Our next project was to tackle the garden behind the house..

it was full of grass…

… impossible to weed..

The grass was growing in between the Primrose and Iris..

garden rehab_003

garden rehab_002So…

Jeff dug out all the Iris and Primrose.

 garden rehab_001

garden rehab_004I then took the grass out from around the plants..

and put them into piles..

garden rehab_005After separating the grass from all of the plants..I spread pine bark mulch over the entire area and then replanted everything except one small section that needed no weeding.

I hope the plants recover from the transplanting.

garden rehab_006All done!

The garden looks better without the black fencing, but my parents Doberman would be walking through the garden without it.

Things should fill in and hopefully the mulch will prevent the grass from taking over.

garden rehab_008

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Arlington Great Meadows

We went to Arlington, Ma this weekend to visit our daughter and her hubby, while there they took us to this little jewel in the middle of an urban area.

Arlington Great Meadows

Arlington's Great Meadows is a 183-acre parcel of land located in east Lexington.   It is the largest piece of undeveloped land in the Arlington/Lexington area.  It is part of the Mystic River watershed.  Once a glacial lake, it is now a wet meadow surrounded by uplands created by glacial outwash.  Great Meadows was purchased by Arlington in 1871 to serve as a supplementary water storage area, but was only briefly used for that purpose.   However, it remains a valuable buffer against flooding in the area.

Here is a link to a nice walking tour of the meadows..I just read there is a Woodcock Peenting area!

Its so nice that these areas stay undeveloped.


We had a Jeep led tour of the park


Jeep meets Pink Lady's Slipper


I did not expect to see Pink Lady's Slipper.

arlington_002 arlington_003

There were many clumps of them..

I have not seen them in clumps like this in many years..



We also saw lots of..

Wild Sarsaparilla

Wild sarsaparilla is a 1-2 foot tall shrub common to the forest understories of southern New England. It produces tiny white flowers in spherical clusters beneath the compound leaves, which ripen into blue-black berries in mid-summer. The rhizome of wild sarsaparilla has a sweet, aromatic taste, and sometimes has substituted for sassafras in the making of home-made root beer.



Have any of you tried making root beer with the roots of this plant?


Anyone good on grasshopper ID?

arlington_020Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

arlington_022We had a lovely walk in this green oasis..

Our daughter, who is pregnant, and due in just a few weeks had to take breaks now and then.


arlington_032A very small turtle..

ID?arlington_031False Solomon’s seal

arlington_034This Poor tattered Mourning Cloak butterfly landed in the path.

I shot of few photos to ID it..


It had no blue left..I assume from the markings it still had that it is a Mourning Cloak.


A Great place to grab a bit of nature in the city!

Thanks for the Jeep tour Jeff C.!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Gray Catbird at the Dining window..

Gray Catbird at the Dining window..

Not this window…

This is our bedroom window..

We are parked close to a large Rhododendron bush.

Because of our proximity and our reflective windows we tend to get birds tapping at our window and acting territorial.


This particular catbird has been hanging out ever since we arrived in my parents driveway.

It was probably here first.


It sits on the shrub right outside of my dining window and stares at its reflection..

CT_106It sometimes taps at its reflection.

I am not sure if its being territorial or if its trying to attract a mate.

CT_108It has been pecking at the Rhodo buds..

Notice more flowers!

CT_050I like to think it was pecking one off to bring to its reflection..

Probably not.

Do any of you have ideas as to why it is pecking at the flowers?

catbird_003I don’t even know if this is a male.

catbird_004I do hope it doesn’t peck all of the flowers off the Rhodo bush..


My mother wouldn’t appreciate that..

As it is Homey covers the whole

Rhododendron bush and she cant see it unless she comes to visit.

Guess she needs to come over for tea soon to visit her flowers.



Watch the video below to see the Catbird pecking at the flowers…

What do you think its doing?



Look who I found!

Poor Waldo was lost…I found him in the crack of the seat of our car.

He is happy to be back in Homey!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blackpoll woods and Dewdrops…

It was supposed to be another good migration day in our area according to Tom Auer’s blog.

Jeff and I set out early for Bluff Point to see what migrants may have come thru.

We stopped at the first pull off as we did the week before when we experienced an amazing morning of warbler filled trees.
This time we did not see warblers decorating the trees…

Instead, the woods was full of Blackpoll Warbler song.


It was fun to catch these long distance warblers in migration!Bluff Point_009

It was a foggy morning..and spider webs were highlighted with dew..

Bluff Point_007There were many cap like web structures..

Bluff Point_013With these spiders inside..

Does anyone know what type of spider this is?

Bluff Point_010I love what foggy mornings bring..


and drops..

Bluff Point_016We followed the path to the inlet..

So foggy I could barely see the opposite shore..

Bluff Point_018Jeff was chilly and ran back the quarter mile to the car to grab his sweatshirt..

In the meantime I walked a small path that the fisherman take ..

Bluff Point_019Water on either side..

And fog..

Bluff Point_021A great combination..


Dew Drops..

Bluff Point_027


by nexusnovel

Bluff Point_029

Honey’d with clear, golden and lavender,

Spring’s blossom bringing forth new beginning,

Bluff Point_031

Dawn awakens and glistens

In luminous flux; Oh artist of birth

Bluff Point_032

Your Universal light of incandescent glow

Dances within my body, mind

Bluff Point_036

Heart and Soul; Oh auspicious dewdrop,

Like a pendant of crystal chandelier,

Bluff Point_060

Shaped like a tiny pear…

I see you at play upon flowers of spring,

Bluff Point_038

I behold you everywhere, even in morning’s

Drop of dew

Bluff Point_042

Oh artist Divine, absolute in purity and Perfection

Behold me in your infinitely vast

Bluff Point_053


Hear my heart’s deepest desire,

Bluff Point_058

And answer me with your

Song of Love

Bluff Point_062

I turned and followed the path back to the parking lot..

Bluff Point_065Stopping for more Dew filled delights..

Bluff Point_023

  John Clare [More
Titles by Clare]

The dewdrops on every blade of grass are so much like silver drops that I am obliged to stoop down as I walk to see if they are pearls, and those sprinkled on the ivy-woven beds of primroses underneath the hazels, whitethorns and maples are so like gold beads that I stooped down to feel if they were hard, but they melted from my finger.

Bluff Point_073

And where the dew lies on the primrose, the violet and whitethorn leaves they are emerald and beryl, yet nothing more than the dews of the morning on the budding leaves; nay, the road grasses are covered with gold and silver beads, and the further we go the brighter they seem to shine, like solid gold and silver.

Bluff Point_075

It is nothing more than the sun's light and shade upon them in the dewy morning; every thorn-point and every bramble-spear has its trembling ornament: till the wind gets a little brisker, and then all is shaken off, and all the shining jewelry passes away into a common spring morning full of budding leaves, primroses, violets, vernal speedwell, bluebell and orchis, and commonplace objects.

Bluff Point_084

A beautiful Gem filled morning.

Bluff Point_085