Friday, July 10, 2009

How to make a Digiscoping attachment

Howdee all,

Instead of spending 100 dollars plus on a digiscoping attachment Jeff decided to make his own. This is the second one he has made. My first camera(Casio Xlim) died and we could not use the old attachment with the new camera(Canon A590is). (the lenses were different sizes)  So for less than 10 dollars we have a decent attachment.

All circumferences and holes were smoothed and sized using a drummel tool.

So here is how Jeff put it together..

Plastic plumbing fitting from Home Depot .the white is weather stripping to snug around scope lens

digiscoping setup_20090709_001

   Blue is foam board is glued to a black washer which is glued to a toilet bowl washer.

Glue used was J B Kwink

digiscoping setup_20090709_002

An extra washer is used to make the lens of the camera to be 1mm away from the scope

digiscoping setup_20090709_003The extra washer is put into the main plastic plumbing fixture digiscoping setup_20090709_004

Then the remaining glued washers put into the main gray plastic body on top of black washerdigiscoping setup_20090709_005no glue used in this step..fits snugglydigiscoping setup_20090709_006  Camera fits into the topdigiscoping setup_20090709_007    This shows how the camera fits in..note the white weather stripping is coming loose ..will replace with a stronger weather stripping

digiscoping setup_20090709_010 Checking out the fit

digiscoping setup_20090709_011digiscoping setup_20090709_016  Taking a photodigiscoping setup_20090709_015

its not a perfect system…you need to hold the camera steady..but it lines the camera up with the scope. We haven't used this particular set up with this camera very long. We used it with my older camera and I got some really great photos.

There will probably be a bit of tweaking to do.

Tomorrow we will test it again. At the BwBTC Birdie outing in Milford, Ct.


  1. Nice. I like DIY alternatives.

  2. nice work jeff, interested to see how it works for you tomorrow


  3. Terrific! Can't wait to see tomorrow's results.

    Dawn, I think Jeff is a keeper! :)

  4. Very cool. I'm going to forward on to my husband.
    I just saw the slide show you have in the right column of your computer art. I LOVE your colorful and happy.

  5. Nice job. Jeff is very handy. Hope it works well.

  6. That's really cool guys, I could never come up with something like that I usual end up getting the Homer Simpson curse when I get to be crafty and botch it up.


  7. So cool!!!! Love how creative you got and you saved a ton of dough. You can't beat that!

  8. Wow, I like your hubby's idea and have just cut and pasted this info and sent it over to my hubby's computer..I think we will try this when we get time!! Thanks Dawn!!

  9. Cool. You'll get it perfect, I have faith ha.

  10. Now, why did I not think of that before shelling out the $$ that I did for my adapter. Well done! I hope you all have a great time tomorrow.

  11. wow that is Cool! looks good as well! By the way days your retweet button aint working for some reason! just thought I would let you know1 Be Well!

  12. Great info... Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see your photos that you take.


  13. Holy cow! What a handyman!

  14. John
    Thanks..and it works pretty good!

    Did u make one yet? tee hee..ok i will give u some about it when u do.

    Yes Jeff is a keeper..sadly the photos werent..Jeff said he camera settings were off..oh well

    Oh cool ..let me know if your husband makes one..Thanks on the compl on my silly drawings..I havent done one in a while..maybe i will..thanks..

    Gaelyn far it works great.

    Ha..well it works good..I bet you can make one...shhhh if my husband can make one then you can too..tee hee.

    Thanks Kim..yeah the saving a ton of dough was big. Originally we ordered a five hundred dollar attachment..then decided it was a bit jeff made his own.

    Tina..let me know if he makes one..My husband will be pleased that he helped others save money.

    Thanks sicksta..and thanks to Craigy for helping jeff with the first one.

    next time ,,you will know how to make one..its not perfect but it works!

    Phillip Dews
    howdee..the retweet button working now..dont know what the deal was..but its ok..

    The photos from yesterday didnt come out well..check out the ones from the day before..they are taken with the same set up.

    yeah..thats my man,..the Handyman can! tee hee..

  15. That is too cool. I'll have to show this one to Joe..

  16. Way cool Dawn and Jeff! I need to make one for my Kodak Easy Share 12MP HD camera!

  17. So cool!!!! Love how creative you got and you saved a ton of dough. You can't beat that! thank you.

  18. That is too cool. Thanks for sharing

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