Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hanging out in and around Eugene Oregon, Thanksgiving Dinner with new friends and Coach owners

Wow has it been a whole month without blogging... what the heck have we been doing?

Well we have been hanging out in this part of Oregon for over a month now.(Maybe too long..Jeff is looking kind of fishy) Having various things done to fix Homey and all the normal check up type appointments that Homey needs.... nothing major....just all these things take time...

We are out of the homey most days when it goes into our lives are a bit disrupted...we leave and the cats leave with us...they stay in the car all day. Sometimes we hang out with others in service...sometimes we go out and about. Picked some mushrooms to replenish my stock.

I am ready to move on, but we cant just yet.
we love hanging out with our friends here, but we are tired of living out of our homey all day...and tired of living in disarray.... . Next week we will have the TV put in...then after that we go to the coast to pick up our chairs and to have new carpet installed.

I am now sitting with Jeff in a Coffee shop, just had a maple nut latte. Christmas music playing, Nutcrackers sitting on display on the upper level, Christmas tree in the corner, Icicle lights in the front window. LOVEY
Just finished watching, on the computer, the last episode of Survivor that i missed, great episode.
Jeff is working on his crossword puzzle..and occasionally interrupts me and asks me too look up something on the Internet to help him with the puzzle....LIFE IS GOOD..

Jeff with fish head above...went to a McGraths fish restaurant and that is what they would put on your head if it was your birthday Jeff decided it was his birthday....he got ice cream too.
I couldn't help taking the picture below...the kitties all cuddled up in that small bed. The little girl

liked that too.

Below are two is our thanksgiving dinner..Tammy and Mom wanted pictures of Jeff's plates they got them...
sorry guys about no videos lately...but i see no one is complaining too much...Ha
Hopefully i will do more in the future....