Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Now in Bayfield

we moved camp and are now at Blue Spruce RV park
North of Vallecito Lake bordering the mountains. The RV parks new owners say they will be fixing up the park and putting in new sites for big Homeys like ours. We have free satellite TV here, our satellite gets no reception because of the trees, and free wifi.


this is the lake we are near

I am playing with google earth for adding a map...
so far I don't like the way it looks
but if you click on the map below you can see where we are.

I am also playing with the new beta version of blogger . i want my posts to look the same in explorer and far with the new posts everything looks good in explorer but the older ones are a little cockeyed...but if you press the back page and go to the page you are looking for it seems to work better then scrolling way down on the page you are on.... my new posts should work fine....its just the old ones that are cockeyed...

FireFox seems to have no bugs...

if there are any probs with any browser please comment...thanks

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Navajo Lake Hike

This was a Very nice hike...about 6 miles for me and another 1 and a half for Jeff, he decided to go up a bit further while i decided to hunt for mushrooms.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Mesa Verde..Long House Ranger Hike

Had a nice ranger led hike to the Long house in the wetherill area of Mesa Verde Park.

This Link to pictures

Long House Pictures

Below is a video clip of our hike.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Wet Mushroom Hike in Mancos National Forest

Wow, what a difference a Day makes and oh yeah. some elevation changes things too.

The Colorado late summer monsoons continue in the mountains. Great for the mushrooms.
Had some rain and hail, but enough sun to make it a nice day. Not to mention the mushrooms.
Found quite a few aspen boletes...forgot to take pics. also some bears head....

photos here...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Canyons of the Ancients

Howdy again,

Drove to Canyons of the Ancients and Hovenweep today. Close to Utah in desert southwest type terrain. Old Pueblo ruins. Did a four hour hike in the heat....high 80s. Very cool remains of dwellings. Many built in existing rock formations.
Use this link to view more photos...

In Colorado near Mesa Verde National Park


We Had a Wonderful week with the Smoot family at Lake Powell, what a great Houseboating trip. The Cats adjusted well, I have plenty of video and pictures that I will put up when I have a rainy day.

here is a link to the pictures

We are now staying here... nice rv park, close to mesa verde and free wifi.

So far I really like Colorado, We are in the southwestern portion. We have been here before over 15 years ago so it feels new to me... Things I Like...

The Mountains...this year thier monsoon season, which is now, has provided alot of rain in the upper elevations, which means ...MUSHROOMS. will go and see what we can find in a few days.

They know what Organic is here...even the small town no name grocery stores , feature fresh organic produce, locally grown stuff too.

They are earthy, crunchy, new agey.

Lots of Hummingbirds migrating south now. Birding seems good so far.

Wonderful Indian Pueblo ruins in this area.

Its cooler the higher elevations.

Yesterday we drove around to a few small towns nearby getting info on the area, Mancos and Delores, Cortez . Went on a Hike in mesa verde national the top of a mesa rock formation, Started around 7 pm and finished around 8 ,2 miles up and down, and a thunderstorm nearby...we ran down thinking that the storm would reach us.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Lake Powell... The Dam

What a big
we will be houseboating above the dam...

Tetons and my Toothache

The Tetons are beautiful...but my toothache kept me from enjoying the whole scene..
I had a root canal in Utah and feel sooooo much better now.

Wet and Chilly Yellowstone hike with Brendan and Charlene

Well our previous hike was HOt Hot this was a bit different...
and Brendan also pointed out the three toed woodpecker...a rare find...

Hot Yellowstone Hike with Charlene and Brendan

This was a Hot day...maybe in the it was hard to go up, especially at the higher was still a nice hike, met up with a bison, saw some petrified wood.

Yellowstone Day with Maggie, Stan,Ken, Sheri, Ben and Matthew

This was a one day get together with freinds..
I added a few pictures from a hike a few days later when Brendan and
Charlene joined us with the Faders.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bark in the Park

This was a one day event in Livingston...doggie events and a fundraiser for doggies
I didnt shoot much video...but you get the idea

Garden Tour In Livingston

I was surprised at the amount of flowers for such a short growing season....the hollyhocks do real well here.. Charlene and I biked to all the gardens...and it was only three dollars to tour them all.