Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Hike and Happy New Year!

Howdee all,

When life has you in a hole…hikes _038

    Or you feel like you are in the outside looking in..(look closely that's me)..hikes _040

     look to what inspires youhikes _043

    Enriches you

     And brings you joy…hikes _048

From that viewpoint…the rat race looks better…You can find your peace… hikes _049

   And you can go on fulfilled and happy….

hikes _051

I find inspiration when I hike into nature..I find it so much more beautiful than any man made creation…(see Las Vegas below)..

hikes _053

I enjoy the challenges of hiking up boulders

hikes _054

    To the next view..

hikes _057

Calico Tanks…Rocks holding water…

hikes _058

    We went on this hike Christmas Day with Mark and Debbie as our guides..

Ok..I think the rock below looks like a Porchini mushroom..but ..err..hikes _060

Some others may think otherwise….

hikes _061

This hike was supposed to be a short climb up and down…but…we hiked thru an area that was new to us all…this is our hike down…

20 feet drop in this area…YIkes..

thank goodness Mark knows what he is doing and showed us how to get down…

hikes _063

We had several areas that were challenging…this is a hole we had to go way down except thru the hole…

hikes _064

When life gives you challenges….face them…and find joy in the challenge….(Ok i was a bit scared…but it was Fun!)

hikes _065

   Hopefully….you can make it through the challenges....

Safe…and in one piece ..If you need help…ask a friend.

(Thanks Mark for helping us through)hikes _067


I wish you all a Wonderful, Peaceful, Healthy,Joyful

New Year!

May you find Joy in the Challenges of Life


Inspiration from Nature.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shopping at the Wynn and Encore Casinos

Howdee all,

This is a continuation of my last post..

Fanciful decor of the Encore/Wynn shopping area.

I wont say much..but enjoy your window shopping..

let me know what you want me to pick up for you…Encore_052

Encore_054 Encore_056 Encore_057

A Red dress perhaps?

Or a diamond necklace?Encore_059

A diamond watch for the fellows?Encore_060

Some nightclub attire?Encore_062

   I loved this mirror…Encore_064

And this one…Encore_065

Really liked this shop..that offered many interior designs used in the Encore HotelEncore_066 Encore_067 Encore_068 Encore_069

Humm..anyone want to buy me this dresser?

Theatre area…Encore_071

Thats all for now…bye from Dawn and Jeff in the mirror……Encore_072

Encore Casino and Hotel

Howdee all,

My new favorite Hotel and Casino on the strip..

These photos just cant capture the color..

the lamps are actually red…the whole casino, hotel awesome shades of Red..Encore_040Awesome design..


Loved all the ChandeliersEncore_001

These are in the shopping area..see the crystal to the right?Encore_004Asian inspired lighting in the casino halls


Butterflies throughoutEncore_005

  Here I use the flash so that you can see the Red Chandlers..without the flash they look pinkEncore_014Entry into the Baccarat roomEncore_025





The peacocks are made of small crystals…







One of the Bars…a Huge Tree Lamp..all in red..

not the pink you see here.


I love the decor..check out the quartz knobs on this dresser

Encore_034 Views of guest check in areaEncore_039  Encore_036

View out to the courtyard

Encore_037 A bar in the casino that looks out into the courtyard..


Gorgeous courtyardEncore_049 Check out the railing with the crystal points …Encore_045

Hope you enjoyed the Pictures of my new favorite Hotel and Casino..