Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Webster Flea Market~Webster~Florida

Howdee all,

Yesterday was a free day before the start of the Motorhome rally.

So Jeff and I went to a flea market recommended by friends of ours.

We could have spent days there..It was huge…

Webster flea market_001Stuff at the Flea Market

Webster flea market_003

Anyone for an old telephone?

Webster flea market_004This was actually very cool…A moose head that  holds wine bottles.

Webster flea market_005I saw a few birds at the flea market..

Webster flea market_014

Webster flea market_007I liked the little blue bird on the left..

Webster flea market_008Butter churns…

Webster flea market_009I had to open up this book

Webster flea market_011Check out a few of the chapters.. Webster flea market_010We spent four hours at the market….and it wasn’t enough time to see all the antiques, new items and farmers market areas.

Webster flea market_012I wonder who buys some of this stuff..

Not me..I just don’t have enough room in Homey for things like this.

Webster flea market_013I did like the little Lambchops puppet. I had one when I was a little girl.

Webster flea market_015

We had fun. We did buy a few things~Strawberries and two pair of plastic pink gloves for Jeff to use when he empties the black tank.

With all the stuff at this market you would think we would end up with more than that.

See you later…I am off to our first RV class~ this one on Satellite for TV and internet.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

At the FMCA Rally~Brooksville , Florida

Howdee all,

Jeff and I arrived yesterday in Brooksville, Florida for the Southeast FMCA Rally.

Sea goes Hollywood

The rally events don’t start until Tuesday.

IMG_2660There will be vendors, lectures and entertainment.

All things Motorhome related. We are meeting up with some friends and I am sure will meet some new friends.

IMG_2661 The event is being held at a County Airport. The part of the airport that is no longer in use.

Brooksville RV rally_001

We walked the old runways in the morning to bird and get some exercise.

Brooksville RV rally_004Lots of open fields, where we see Kestrel, Bluebird, Meadowlark, Savannah sparrows and Killdeer.Brooksville RV rally_002

We also saw a few Sandhill Crane and a large flock of Turkey.

IMG_2666Tomorrow we go to Webster to check out a mega flea market.

It opens at 5am..might leave early so that we can see it all.


By the way…its beautifully warm here…cool in the morning and evenings.

Loving it!

Friday, January 27, 2012

This is how we do it~Packing up da Homey

Howdee all,

A few posts ago~I mentioned that I would show you what I have to do to pack up the interior of Homey before we travel.

After living 10 years of fulltime living in Homey..we kinda like to think we have the packing thing down..I am always tweaking things to make it easier.

packing homey_016

Recently we were parked in Sicksta side yard..for a few months..

IMG_2622As you can see I have things on the walls and counters. Both the driver and passenger seats can move to face the interior of Homey. I turn them around to face the front windshield.

packing homey_018Some of it gets packed away..other items stay as is..


Under this make shift table is the steering wheel.

All of this gets packed away, as well as all of the plants in the front window.

packing homey_001The plates on the wall are fastened securely with 3m command strip picture holders and mounting tape…so they stay where they are.

In the kitchen I take down the coffee pot,and any items that aren't secure.

packing homey_006All of these items on the desk are packed away except for the basket and flat tray.

The tray and basket don’t move while traveling…they both have non slip fabric underneath..

The white lines you see on the window is soap~I put it there because our windows are reflective and the birds think the yard continues thru them…the white marks show them there is something to avoid..works pretty good!

packing homey_004

packing homey_012Everything in the curio cabinet stays as is…all secured with museum wax or putty.

packing homey_013All the pictures on the wall are secured and stay up while traveling.

I pack away the hanging crystal chandelier and everything on the dining table.

The plant is packed away..the pink frog candle holders, little blue bird and rock pyramids are secured with putty and stay.

packing homey_015All dishes are put in the cabinets with a non slip fabric between them so that they don’t rattle and annoy us as we travel. Same goes for cups, glasses..all wrapped or  placed in the cupboard between cardboard separators.

 packing homey_043

Assortment of knick knacks that get wrapped up and stored in the bathroom cupboard.

packing homey_024

The cupboard before ~packing homey_040I wrap the chandelier in a flannel pillowcase.

packing homey_039The cupboard full ~packing homey_041Plants are put in bins and stored in the shower.

packing homey_045I roll up the carpets to allow for the slide room to come in.

packing homey_047The slide room in~notice the difference?

packing homey_049

The bedroom pretty much stays the same..the chandelier comes down ~otherwise everything else you see is secure.

packing homey_034

The bedroom slide comes in and the bed just about fills the whole room.

packing homey_050The bathroom items are packed away..the silk plant stays..it is secured with putty.

packing homey_025Bathroom packed..

See my cool Birdie mirror stick ons from Home Goods?

packing homey_052

I make sure our sliding pocket doors~We have three of them…are locked so they wont slide back and forth as we are driving. All cupboards and closets are checked to make sure they are secure.

I check the refrigerator to make sure items are secured by the sliding bar that holds them tightly in, so that they don’t fall out when we open the refrig. door after traveling.


The inside is ready to roll…I wonder if Jeff is finished with his outside packing chores?

Jeff unhooks the electricity and water. He packs away the bird feeders and outdoor patio carpet. He makes sure the TV antenna is lowered.He attaches the car to the back of Homey.

I start Homey while he is outside and Jeff checks the car and Homeys lights to make sure they are all working correctly when I press on the brake, hazard lights etc.

I pull the Homey forward to make sure the cars tires are rotating.

We say our Goodbyes…

Off we go….Jeff in the driver seat.

I have a license to drive this massive vehicle but choose not to... I know enough to  get us to safety if anything were to happen to Jeff.


We may forget one or two items and have to pick up a broken something or secure something that is making noise in the cupboard.

We know people that have driven away without unhooking their electrical cord.. others who forgot to unhook their sewer lines…Some who's antenna was still up..the scary list goes on and on..Yikes..

I'm not telling who!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Here we are…Silver Springs, Florida

Howdee all,

We arrived safely in Florida with a few minor mishaps.

Last night while looking for Camp Walmart, our trusty GPS took us the wrong way. Jeff turned into a shopping area to turn around..while doing so he turned into the wrong drive to the shopping plaza and couldn’t drive any further as what he thought was a road was just a small patch of gravel turning into very wet grass. He couldn’t back up because the car was attached to the Homey…Luckily it was a side street and not busy. He had to straighten out the Homey and unhook the car so he could back up Homey. We then drove to Camp Walmart.

Today while on our way to Silver Springs Jeff hit an animal, he had no time to stop the Homey…The animal was all black and shaped like a weasel~small head, large belly and elongated tail. Don’t know what it was. Jeff was flustered after hitting the poor creature and missed the turn…We we had to go 4 miles out of our way before we could turn around.

But look~Here we are safe and sound…wish I could say as much for the poor animal.

IMG_2636The view from Homeys front window…

IMG_2635It was hot when we arrived..Homey heats up in the sun quickly..I had to turn on the air conditioning…to cool it off.

I also had to change into shorts and a tee shirt..Oh the trials and tribulations…Such is life in a warm climate. :)

IMG_2637So ..anyway~here we are…

In warm and sunny Silver Springs, Florida.

Jeff is washing Homey in the photo below.

IMG_2638I went for a walk ~staring at the magical clouds..

IMG_2640And looking for birds..

IMG_2641We are a short walk to the Silver River.

I looked for birds near the river..

I found what I thought was a Blackburnian Warbler…I was wrong, it was a Yellow throated warbler. Oops!! ~time to go back to Warbler school.

IMG_2642Nice places to sit along the river..


We are here for three nights, then travel to Brooksville for an RV rally.

 IMG_2648Its lovely~~sigh..