Friday, February 11, 2011

Coot Feet~Sweet

Howdee all,

I want you to see these feet!~ Mind you, my photos are taken with a point and shoot..wish I had a DSLR for something like this..

Coot (1)

Notice the strange feet of the Coot. Unlike ducks and most other water birds, which have webbed
feet, the Coot has feet which are lobed.
To take off from the water, the Coot does not flap its wings and rise upward like other waterfowl are capable of doing.
Instead, Coots run over the water surface on their their feet, thrashing their wings until becoming air-borne. Their tail is
so short that it cannot be used for steering during flight. Instead, the Coot uses its outstretched feet to steer while flying.
One of the Coot’s predators is the bald eagle, possibly because the Coot becomes air borne so slowly compared to other
waterfowl. Also, Coots like open water and therefore are in plain sight imagewhen the eagle is looking for food. Typically, Coots and
Rails are weak flyers compared to ducks and geese. 


Aren't they the coolest things?…Coot (3)Sweet Feet!Coot (2)Red eye…coot (6)Red dotted noggin…

(red-brown frontal shield on the forehead)coot 1A cover or raft of CootCoot

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  1. Love those feet! I'd love a pair of Keen sandals in those colors.

  2. Those are some funky shoes that bird is wearing! LOL!

  3. Wow, this is completely new to me. I didn't know there were any waterfowl feet that looked like that. How cool.

  4. I wasn't all excited about coots before - but I am now! Congrats on being Bird Butt Blogger of the week, too!

  5. Great shots Dawn
    Like the first one :-)

  6. Hahaha! I love those feet...
    If you're talking bird must be featuring Dave, the Loopy One!

  7. Those are the weirdest looking feet. I've admired coots a long time, with their white beak and red accent. But those feet....OMG LOL

  8. Lynne at Hasty Brook when I see those feet I will think of your GreeN Keens! :)

    A New England Life
    hee hee..i know Sweet Feet!

    Jess Outside
    Yeah..pretty amazing feet!

    Susan W.
    Glad you liked the coot! I wasnt the featured blogger...I write about bloggers and feature them on Birdingblogs..look will be there someday soon!

    Thanks..I guess you like feet!!

    You have it right Kelly..the one and only!

    yeah..are those the greatest feet?

  9. Well those feet look more like a plant than feet. I think I have something very similar coming up in my yard ha.

  10. They do have strange looking feet.

  11. Thanks everyone for your cool comments on the Coot feet.

    Sicksta Adele..
    You are too funny..I want to see that plant you are speaking of :)


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