Sunday, December 05, 2010

Dance of the Cedar Waxwings

Howdee all,

The Robins and Cedar Waxwings continue to devour the Holly berries

Birds Cedar waxwing_002Birds Cedar waxwing_007…and leave their droppings all over…

Cant sit on my chair now..Birds Cedar waxwing_003

Good thing we have a tarp on the Homey this year!

Jeff wont have to spend hours scrubbing the roof of Homey to remove the all the berry poop.Birds Cedar waxwing_005

I took a video of a flock of Cedar Waxwings at the water dish..This is the first year we have had Waxwings and Robins at the water dish.

I think someone put too much salt on the Holly berries Smile

Enjoy the video

In the holiday spirit…..

Dance of the Cedar Waxwings

Dance of the Cedar Waxwings


  1. I love Cedar Waxwings!!! Looks like all of them are curtseying while they drink. So polite! :)

  2. I saw Cedar Waxwings on the front of a bird book, but never expected to see one here in Colorado (since I hadn't in ten years.) Then while rafting down some whitewater in Brown's Canyon a few years back I got a flash of a few. I was so excited I almost fell out of the raft! :)

    Needless to say, I love these beautiful guys, and starting a Monday morning w/ their dance is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cedar Waxwings are great!!! Too bad about the chairs 'tho. Boom & Gary form The Vermilon River.

  4. Hi Dawn, stopping by to say hello and I love the background of the top photo with the waxwing. Just beautiful...hope all is well.

  5. Hi Dawn...I saw your blog post title on one I follow, and it caught my interest!!
    I am glad I checked it out...I had such a good laugh!!
    Your video and the music is perfect... just loved it!! lol : }
    We will be seeing the Waxwings here in Maine probably in another month.

  6. Oh what a glorious sight! I love Cedar Waxwings. They are such sleek, handsome birds. How wonderful to see them so close up. I have viewed many but all sitting in the treetops or flying aloft. A joy to view your blog and video ... as always! Thanks for the smile.

  7. Janet Creamer
    We only have the most polite Waxwings here in the south:)

    Adam Jack
    Glad I could help to start your week off nicely with the Cedar Waxwing video. So glad you were able to see them first hand also!

    Yeah..the chair is worse now..I should have covered it ..instead the birds are..:)

    Howdee ms artist..Thanks for your very nice commment..doing well thanks! Wish it was a bit warmer here in NC..i am freezing!

    grammie g
    Howdee and Welcome..Glad you enjoyed the waxwing video..Stay warm up there in Maine! Thanks for stopping by~

    Julie G.
    Thanks Julie..Glad you enjoyed the video..I was so happy to see them down low..always used to looking up at them! Nice change!

  8. Waxwings are such joyful birds.They have a poor excuse for a song, but they make up for in so many ways.

  9. ...okay...that is just too cool. I've seen flocks in our trees eating berries, but one has never come in for a drink. Amazing and fun...(perfect music).

  10. I haven't seen any waxwings up here and now I know why, they are all down there at your house! Glad you keep them well hydrated!

  11. Chris Petrak
    hee hee..I love their song..sound..I always know when a flock is flying over. was so cool seeing them so close..

    Kathie..Yes..the waxwings are all here..sorry I took them all:)


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