Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birders who Blog,tweet and chirp.. part 2 Plum Island Birds

Howdee all,

Yes believe it or not…amongst all the chatting..we managed to see a few birds on Plum Island…I saw more than I photographed….I still have a hard time with moving objects..but there were a few nice birds that stuck around for a photo or two.

Purple MartinsBirders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp_20090613_018 A scolding Red-winged BlackbirdBirders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp_20090613_052 Listen to him yell at us!

A Song Sparrow sang for us…Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp_20090613_027A BobolinkBirders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp_20090613_065Oh look…black hooks in a fieldBirders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp_20090613_081Nope…not black hooks..Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp_20090613_082Bev said they were eating flowers or grass…we watched

and saw they were stripping the grains from the grass.Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp_20090613_083Beautiful in the field of flowers Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp_20090613_088Off to find some other food source..Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp_20090613_091This Savannah sparrow let us get very close…Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp_20090613_095What a show off…Christopher said this same bird has been in the same bush before..

Some of us thought they glued the bird there…It let us all get very close…and sang its heart out..Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp_20090613_092

Let me sing for you…

listen to all of us chatter in the background!

We saw Semi-palmated and White rumped sandpipers

Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp_20090613_102Willow FlycatcherBirders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp_20090613_105

And many more birds…

Thank you our fearless leader Christopher for taking care of us and making sure we saw some birds!

Jeff added two life birds….Solitary sandpiper and Least Bittern

I added one.. Least Bittern- thanks to Lauras keen hearing, and Bev's quick sighting of a flying bird!


Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp outing Part 3, Lowies favorite place to bird!

New Hampshire

check out more Bird photos by clicking on the photo below…

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  1. I tried all day to get a photo of a Flycathcer! And a Bobolink! No luck.

    Love the videos and photos. At least this event was well documented by all!

  2. I tried all day to get a photo of a Flycathcer! And a Bobolink! No luck.

    Love the videos and photos. At least this event was well documented by all!

  3. great pics Dawn. I never did get the flycatcher in focus :)

  4. Oooh- I love the Savannah Sparrow video.

    I see the Purple Martins know how to put duct tape to good use!

  5. OK Dawn, glad you actually got to see and photo some birds. Nice captures. Hope there's more coming.

  6. These photos are great--especially the Savannah Sparrow.

  7. Beautiful photographs. Such a fun time.

  8. Wow! Great photos, but my favorite is your video of the Savannah Sparrow singing. I don't know why but I LOVE that song. Your video was so clear and the sound good. You're so lucky all of you were able to get together and bird. Great job putting the trip together!

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  10. Very nice...looks like you all had a great time. Nothing like birders having a good time :)

  11. Wonderful post, Dawn. What a fun gathering both of bloggers and birds. Love the Savannah Sparrow singing and the gorgeous images of the geese in the fields of grass and wildflowers. Special.

  12. How nice! Wonderful birds sights sounds birders ... just a whole flock of great things. And the voice on that Savannah Sparrow is lovely.

  13. Nice videos Dawn! I never saw the Bobolink but you couldn't miss the RWBB. Really wanted to get some shots of the Geese in the field but being in the back we weren't seeing a lot until it was too late. Plus the dust was kind of thick ; )

  14. What a great birding trip Dawn. I saw several that would have been life birds for me!

  15. Hey what fun! I'm posting my Savanna Sparrow Saturday with a back link to here so folks can get a look at your videos. That little Savanna Sparrow so cool.

  16. MaineBirder
    yeah I was lucky enough to get a distant bobolink and a shy flycatcher..tee he

    i got the flycatcher in focus wouldnt look at me..

    Lynne at Hasty Brook
    tee hee..yes purple martins are very smart birds!

    Glad I got to show you a few birds.. I was chatting so much I almost forgot to..

    Appalachian Lady
    thanks so much!yeah that Savannah was one cooperative bird!

    yeah it was great...and as i type these comments I am thinking..boy it would be nice to meet this one and that one..and of course you!

    Thanks Kelly...yeah that Savannah wouldn't quit..
    Hope we can meet someday and do some birding!

    Yeah you are so right ..lots in common!

    thanks so much Vickie.. I love looking at the geese in the flowers!

    Thanks...and seeing your name and others is reminding me how much blog reading i need to do..looks like rain all day..maybe i can catch up..
    are you going to make me laugh?

    A New England Life
    Oh sorry we kicked up so much dust! You must go back and see bobolink and geese in fields..LOL

    Oh..its always nice adding a life bird to the list!

    Steve B
    oh ..thanks Steve for the back link..
    Well you are can visit mr Savannah whenever you want to..
    if you do tell him i said hello!


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