Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp outing, CT

Howdee all,

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Just a little over a week before our Milford, Ct outing!

Saturday July 11th Milford Ct.

Luke from Under Clear Skies volunteered to show us around the area.

Thanks Luke for planning this!

This is an excerpt from Luke's Blog Post about the event.

Please refer to Luke's Blog post as well.

Excited to see some old friends and meet some local bloggers as well as the ever-wandering Dawn and Jeff. Anyway details as follows: I suggest that we meet at Milford Point and start our days activities there at 10am (directions below) – which will let everyone who’s traveling get a reasonable start in the morning (and arrive a little after low tide). Plenty to look out for at arguably CT’s finest shorebird hotspot – hopefully Nick from ’shorebirder’ will be available to find us another Red-necked Stint or something (was it really 3 years ago now?) amongst the likely throngs of peeps. After that I’d suggest a look at a few spots in Stratford for coastal sparrows, herons, clapper rail, shorebirds, terns, and the US’s most northerly breeding Boat-tailed Grackle population, a stop at Marnick’s for Lobster Rolls for lunch and then on to my local shorebird hotspot Grace Salmon Park post high tide and perhaps an early evening stroll on the rather spectacular Penfield Reef.

For directions to Milford Point by car check the CAS website here. If anyone wants to try make the trip up via public transport you can get a train from Grand Central NYC to Milford (New Haven Line). Drop me an email luke.tiller@gmail.com and I’m more than happy to pick people up at the station.

Bring yourself, some serious DEET infused insect repellent, beach shoes, water, bins, scope and sense of humor. Look forward to seeing people then.


We have a great cast of characters

You can click on the links below to take you to blog etc.

Luke from Under Clear Skies

Bev from Behind the Bins and Murmuring Trees

(Twitter: BirdingBev Chirptracker Bevson )

Christopher from Picus blog

(Twitter Picusblog Chirptracker Picusblog Facebook Christopher Cissone)

Dan from Nature Observances by Forestal

(Twitter docforestal Chirptracker docforestal)

Larry from The Brownstone Birding Blog

Cindy from Living in Brooklyn, Longing for Maine

(Facebook Cynthia Cage)

Laura from Interstitial Spaces (Twitter beeebuzzz )

& Mark from Strack16 on (Twitter Strack16)

Catherine from Birdspot blog

(Twitter Birdspot)

Jeff and myself Dawns Bloggy Blog

(Twitter DawnFine Chirptracker Dawn Facebook Dawn Simmons Fine)

Nick from Shorebirder the birding journal

Chris from Tails of Birding

Dee J Brown from Oak in the Seed

(Twitter deejbrown )

..let me know if there are additions/spouses etc. or if I need to add your Twitter or Chirptracker, or Facebook ID

And as always

Please Join us!

Should be an Excellent time!

Please comment below whether or not you will be attending..so that I know you have read the details .

Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp meets Birds and Beers ..August 15th With Birdchick in MN.

leave comment or email me if interested..the cast is growing!

outings in MT, OR, northern CA , AZ, TX in the future.

Stay tuned for a big announcement..Hope to post that tomorrow!!!!!


  1. I am definitely interested in your CT outing and would absolutely go if I didn't already have plans—we're going to Maine that weekend.

    I had a great time at the Mass BwBTC outing and wish I could make it to the CT one! Give my best to Larry- he was one of my earliest supporters. Hope you guys see some great birds :)

  2. Oh man, wish I could join!!! It's my wife's baby shower. I hope she doesn't read this. :)

  3. My work schedule prevents me from attending :( So close, yet so far.

  4. This is painful - I'm am going to Greenwich to meet my daughter and get her 3 kids to bring up to VT for a few days - so close, but I don't know how I can swing it. Maybe for a little while early.

  5. BirdingGirl
    Will miss you! Have a great time!

    Tell her u need to slip away for a few minutes :)

    Bummer...guess u need to put your blue self in our next group photo! :)

    Chris Petrak
    Just come for a short while...
    Last outing people came and went..dont have to stay full day!
    Hope to see u! Bring fam.

  6. Thanks, Dawn, for getting back to me. I will be there and looking forward to a day of birding, photographing and meeting new friends. My blog is longingformaine.blogspot.com and on facebook its: facebook.com/cagefamily

  7. Cindy
    Looking forward to meeting you this coming Saturday.

  8. of course- looking forward to it and hoping my wife can make it as well. see y'all soon


  9. Unfortunately I have another commitment on the 11th, but I hope I'll be able to get together with you guys next time you're in the area!

    - Carrie

  10. Dawn, my girlfriend and I will be there Saturday morning at least for a little while! See u at Milford pt

  11. Hi Dawn - I just picked up the directions and we are all set. See you tomorrow and thanks for organizing this BwBTC get together! Laura


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