Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sign my Guestbook...pleeeassee

Howdy to all you reading this...

If you haven't already signed my guestbook at the bottom of the page....please do...You can sign it with your picture...or any kind of porn...ha.....
You can even sign it with a video.
I have 22 signatures already...thank you all for signing..

OK I am waiting....


  1. OK, we signed! Wasn't that "tsunami" awesome? Especially Geno's moans and yells. Thanks to you, we know about YouTubing. We enjoy hearing your voice on your videos, too, as I'm sure all your friends and family do. It is a mixed blessing...makes us miss you more, but we're glad to "see" you.

    In fact, I was expecting to see a video of your new 4-slideout CC! Are you still at the rally?

    Dick and Geno are on a 14-mile hike today, by the way.

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ok what do you really think?????