Tuesday, March 30, 2010

South Rim trail, Big Bend NP Day 8 part 1

Howdee all.

March 26

We saved the South Rim trail for the end of our stay in Big Bend, hoping for an early arrival of the Colima warbler. They are usually not seen in the area until mid April.

This is the only place in the US that the Colima warbler is seen, when it migrates from Mexico, here to spend the summer.South rim hike,Big bend_001

 Hike to South Rim

via Laguna Meadows approx 4 miles

Colima trail – 1 mile

Boot canyon trail to South Rim- 1.8 miles

return trip via Pinnacle trail approx 6.4 miles

Total trip approx- 14 miles

Difficulty- Moderate

Elevation gain- approx. 2000 feet

You can see the map below there are different ways to reach South Rim South rim hike,Big bend_002

I really wanted to start the trip via Laguna Meadows trailSouth rim hike,Big bend_004 We were told it is a gradual up,versus the Pinnacle trail which switchbacks up the first mile.

Jeff wanted to hike up the Pinnacle trail..

South rim hike,Big bend_006

Luckily the coin toss had us go up the meadows..South rim hike,Big bend_007 The right choice in my opinion…after going down via the Pinnacles trail later that day and seeing how steep it was..

South rim hike,Big bend_011It was not as though we weren't getting enough exercise to begin with.. South rim hike,Big bend_012  It was a gradual, as we were told…I did have to stop many times to catch my breath..South rim hike,Big bend_017 The meadows area…South rim hike,Big bend_018We also did some birding…South rim hike,Big bend_019 South rim hike,Big bend_021We left the Meadows trail.. South rim hike,Big bend_022and followed the one mile Colima trail..

South rim hike,Big bend_023 hoping to see or hear the Colima Warbler,we didn't see it on the trail named for this warbler.

South rim hike,Big bend_024 At the end of the Colima trail we picked up Boot Canyon trail to the South Rim

Here we did see a few birds, along with a Painted Redstart.South rim hike,Big bend_025 Looks like we are getting close…South rim hike,Big bend_026To the top… South rim hike,Big bend_027

Stay tuned for the views from South Rim and the hike down via the Pinnacle trail.


  1. Very pretty. I hope you know how fortunate you are to get to see all that you see in your travels.

  2. Just beautiful, as always. Leedra is right. You are very fortunate to be able to explore like this.

  3. Oh, I LOVE that picture of your hubby just stopped - looking around with all the gorgeous scenery surrounding him! How awesome!

  4. Leedra
    Yes..i count my blessings daily..Its wonderful to travel as we do..

    Howdee Bobbie..yes Jeff and i are soo lucky to be able to do this ..

    Bird Girl
    yeah ..it was most scenic..a wonderful hike..


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