Friday, May 22, 2009

Nummy Island, NJ birding ( I am not a bird)

Two days ago Jeff and I birded Nummy Island. (I am not a bird)

Nummy Island is a large undeveloped salt marsh between the Stone Harbor free bridge to the north and the Grassy Sound toll bridge to the south. It is excellent for shorebirds, marsh birds, and wading birds, especially in spring, summer and fall. It is best at high tide when the shorebirds rest and forage in and around the salt ponds on both sides of the road.”

If you look closely in the Photo below you can see little dots.Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_029

   Look here..I will show you the birds I am taking about. This is kind of a review for me because I am still learning. (I am not a bird)

I am always having to ask Jeff about these birds. Very difficult for me to ID.

Semipalmated Plovers in foreground, Dunlins and Short-billed DowitchersNummy Island, NJ_20090520_071Look at the sizes and shapes of these birds. (nor am I turning into a bird)

The largest bird is a Willet the bird in the foreground is Short-blled Dowitcher the other two birds with the black belly are Dunlins,of course this is breeding plumage…easier to ID.Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_005 Compare the Dunlin top to the Short billed Dowitcher bottom the Dowitcher is a bit bigger than the Dunlin. (nope ..I am still not turning into a bird)

Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_007

Short-billed Dowitcher bathing.I just love seeing all the individual feathers.

Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_020Black-bellied Plover.. Wow..Love that breeding Plumage..I couldn't get a closer photo..but will try again this afternoon. (Me not a bird)

Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_023

close up of the Dunlin…look at its black belly (not a bird..not me)Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_049Least Sandpiper…Yellowish legs (nope ..I am not a birdie)

Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_063 Great Egret with first fish capture..tee hee

(I like birds but I am not one of them)Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_066Whimbrels with the long decurved bills

  hee hee ..not be be confused with  Long billed Curlews who's bills are so long I think they trip when they walk. (I have no bill,I am not a bird)Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_043this is one small bird that my camera seems to be able to photograph..

Warblers are evading me.

(probalbly because I am not a bird)Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_060     This picture below I call “woulda coulda shoulda”

The colors were amazing..I should have opened the car door and gone outside to get a shot with out the grasses… was windy and chilly and  (I am not a bird)

Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_047

we left the salt marsh area and went to see what birds we could find at the shore.

(I am not a bird)

Sanderlings Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_093hee hee…look at the little fellow on the that some kind of new Sanderling dance? (I am still not a bird!)Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_096 Sanderilings check out the bill, the shape.Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_100( I am not a bird)

But these are…

Sanderlings doing what they do best!


I know that my Sickstas and mother think I am looking at and talking about and blogging about birds so much that they say I am turning into a bird…and will fly away soon.

Look Mom, Dad,Sickstas, brother,friends…See….I have no feathers

I am not a bird!

(though I have suspicions that Jeff is )

Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_090

Well I think I will fly off now..I mean, go now…

Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_105    Chirp, chirp


  1. Just getting caught up on your posts. Glad to see that the knots came to Reeds' Beach. I think I may have been early. Nice that the chat cooperated. I couldn't get one to stay in the open, and he only sang briefly; I love his mockingbird like song. I figured he was through singing and into housekeeping. I always wish I had more time in CM in spring.

  2. I loved your birdie report. And I loved hearing the ocean and seeing the sanderlings fast-pedding with the waves. Nice fish capture and especially like the Dowitcher bathing. Some fun! I don't may be a bird after all.

  3. Dawn,
    Good that you are going to some of the places we talked about seeing next time we visit Cape gives me a visual of what to many birds to see..I can't id them and my hubby is into airplanes not birds so no help there!
    So many of my friends were "flocking" to Cape May this weekend to catch a glimpse of all those birds of a feather. Had to laugh that two of the families were going to try and cut costs by camping in a big tent..human chirps cheap!!

  4. Wonderful captures. In a way you are a bird, a snow bird. Wouldn't it be great to fly. Sure would save on fuel. LOL

  5. Well I am pretty sure I heard some chirps and peeps out of little Miss Bird Dawn.

  6. Don't believe her.. methinks she doth protest too much. Me thinkith a bird she be or once she was. What thinkith you.

  7. I liked seeing the individual feathers of that one bird too. It was a plover or a clover a four leafed one I think.

  8. Dawn,
    Looking at these pictures I could have sworn you were at Plum Island in Massachusetts. Great capture of the Egret. Lucky you to get that close. Somehow I haven't been as fortunate.

    (You are not a bird) hee hee . . .


  9. ...thank you for all of that info! I am very weak with shorebirds and have so much to learn. This post was very helpful.....and funny too!!

  10. brrrr, looks cold there. but great birds to keep the enthusiasm up.

    btw, the third week of "digiscoping today" is up and running, and we would love to see some more of your images

    happy birding

  11. Even if you were a bird there are worse things you could be.

    -( Somehow I can visualize Nixon holding up his fingers procaliming "I am not a crook!).

    Nice photos in what looks to be a great shorebirding area.I am still learning to identfiy shorebirds. I'm getting better at it but still hseitant to make the call on some especially in photos.

    Thanks for bringing the blogger event to my atttention.If it's within my driving comfort zone for a Saturday I might just go.

  12. Wonderful post Dawn, you are really seeing some gorgeous birds.

  13. Wonderful time guys my friend Bill Elrick will be Banding on the Delaware side of the bay for the Red Knot project, maybe I will down Sunday and give you a hello.

  14. great pictures. I love your redwinged blackbird.

    I hope while you were there you got to go in to the Wetlands Institute. It's a great place to visit! I like to go look at the flowers outside,and then walk down the long path behind it to the water.

  15. Those sanderlings are hysterical to watch in the video. Cool birds. I love the ones with the large beaks.

    Are you sure your not a bird? I think you are.. tweet!!

  16. Cool- I've never seen a Black-bellied Plover. Great shot!

  17. So many shorebirds! I am no good at telling them apart. I love the video. Those Sanderlings sure are fun to watch.

  18. Great pictures of the birds - pretty Egret and Greater Yellowlegs (we actually see this sandpiper here during the summer). Beautiful marsh! LOL over your commentary in brackets, and I can see that you are not a bird, YET!

  19. This was a cute post! That capture of the egret w/ the fish in his mouth was fantastic! Looks like a great birdy outing!
    P.S. When my husband hears me talking to the birds outside he always says that one day I'll probably just start chirping like one~! :-)

  20. Chris Petrak
    Yeah more time in Cape May is always nice! We did see quite a few Red Knots when we were there..but now in Delaware Jeff Gordon is reporting thousands ..very cool!

    Thanks Leedra ..that is my first capture with a capture..tee hee

    Thanks Vickie..I have been feeling a little chipper lately..i could be a bird..

    Wish we were at Cape May at the same time! We would have had fun looking at birds together..maybe another time!

    Yes ..mother..I admit..maybe ..just maybe ,.I am starting to think like a bird..chirp chirp
    but I must get that from you.

    Big Bloomers,
    you are funny big bloomers...I think you are a plant..or a flower or have have roots...i have wings..tee hee

    you are one silly Sicksta..and one that is in competition for top commentor and the big prize of thousands of gold pieces...

    A New England Life,
    Plum Island! I love that place...hope you can meet us all when we have the get together June 13th!

    Thanks..shorebirds are difficult for me..this time of year so much easier to ID..wait till winter..they will all look small and brown..tee hee

    Dale Forbes,
    Yes ..lots of good birds in Cape May..thanks for reminding me about the digiscoping..I have been so busy..I might miss this next round..but remind me again...thanks

    Hope you can join the blogger will be fun! if we go to plum island we can work on our shore birds!

    Thanks..some great birds for sure!

    We missed you today.had a great day birding Central Park.

    Never got to the wetlands institute..not enough time...I hope we can go there next visit to cape may!

    Yeah..the sanderlings in the video are soo cute..i thought I should follow them back and forth and loose a few pounds..but I didn't ..cause..well ..I am not a bird. tee hee..

    Daniel Spurgeon
    This time of year the Black bellied plover is so cool looking.

    Shorebirds are difficult...especially when there are several hundred running about..

    Thanks April..I am still not a bird!

    Thanks was a great outing..great birds.. you might be a bird too!

    Bird Girl
    Thanks..I finally got a closer picture of the Black bellied..but I am still not a bird...tee hee..

    Thanks each and every one..
    I hope to get to all your blogs and read them soon..
    We are in NYC now ..visiting our daughter and very I don't have much time.

  21. This is a great post-learned a little about some of those shore birds. And, the video was so funny to watch--birds going back and forth. You are not a bird but it's not bad to think like one sometimes.

  22. I have heard Nummy Island is famous for Herons and Egrets.I have seen Egret but I don't know which one is Heron.I have heard about tri-coloured herons.

  23. Appalachian Lady.
    Glad you learned a bit about shore birds..I have so much to learn..I am always learning and forgetting...tee hee

    US Pictures
    Where do you live? You must get your self a birdie book.

  24. Great birds Dawn. Looks like you had pretty good weather too (even if it was a little chilly)

  25. Dawn, reviewing this weeks submissons to the birdbloggers tweetclub and it struck me that - man this girl was lucky with breeding plumages this a late in the year...but later realized it is a post from May....
    That explains it. Anyway, great post...which I thoroughly enjoyed.

  26. I guess there are millions of birds on this island!


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